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The smartphone can become an indispensable tool for every student who wants to better face the school or academic year. If you don't know, there are many apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone, which allow you to have notions, forms, scientific calculators, dictionaries and much more available for those who go to school or university.

If you are a student and you want to find out the best Android and iOS apps for School and University, then you are in the right place because in this guide you will find out what to download with your mobile device to find the version of Latin, solve an algebraic equation, consult the grade point average or manage the lesson calendar.

Here is a selection of the best Android and iOS apps for School and University that each student should have on their smartphone and that they can install to better face their school studies and the academic year.

Ancient Greek App

Only available for iOS, Ancient Greek App is the most advanced tool for studying the Greek language. It presents over 100 topics that can be consulted on your device, with various exercises, a phonics dictionary and many translated versions including those that have been presented for exams over the last 25 years. Cost € 4,99 for iPhone.

iLatinista - the app that helps you with Latin

Only available for iOS, iLatinista is a kind of personal assistant that for the study of the Latin language. It offers many topics to be addressed on different levels of difficulty with quick schemes that help review and countless versions already translated. Cost € 2,99 for iPhone.


Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, iMathematics is a real personal math assistant. Perfect for every student, it allows you to always have at hand formulas, theorems, definitions to review and memorize every notion even on the move. By purchasing the Pro version, you can access more topics and take advantage of interactive quizzes that help learning in a simple and fun way. Free.

Mathematical tricks

Available for Android, Mathematical Tricks is the app that can provide tricks to train your brain and quickly perform any mathematical calculation. After some time, every operation will become easy and you can have fun challenging your friends in math contests to the last number. Free.


Available for iOS, iFormulario is a very useful app for both high school and college students. It offers quick access to more than 1000 formulas divided between at least 200 topics such as: Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Physics, Heat Transmission, Mechanics, Electrical Engineering and Machines. The interface is modern and immediate: it also integrates calculation and recording functions. Cost € 0,99 for iPhone. Cost € 0,99 for iPhone.

Periodic table

Available for Android, Periodic table is a must have app for every chemistry student. In fact, it provides a periodic table with all 118 elements. For each, the atomic, thermodynamic, material, electromagnetic, nuclear and reactivity properties are indicated. It then shows the diagram of the electronic shells, the solubility table and allows you to calculate the muscle mass. Free.

Solve Expressions

Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, Solve Expressions is an app that not only calculates the result of a numeric or literal expression, but also allows you to view the various steps. It uses an algorithm that automates the various steps and consequently could also make mistakes. It is however a respectable app and to be taken into consideration. Free.

Mathpix – Solve and graph math using pictures

Available for Android and iOS, Mathpix is an app that allows you to solve mathematical expressions by photographing them with the iPhone to get the result immediately. It supports arithmetic functions, fractions, equations, algebraics, roots, logarithms, trigonometric functions, integrals, derivatives and infinite series.


Available for iOS, iSinonimiContrari is a simple, easy, immediate and to consult app. It can be of help during the development of a theme or simply to improve the knowledge of the terms of the Spanish language. If a word is missing, you can ask support to enter it. Free. Notes

Available for iOS, is an app suitable for all students and allows access to a database of 100 notes, with topics, Latin translations, book summaries, term papers and complete conjugation of verbs. To work you need a data or Wifi connection. Free.

Babbel - Learn languages

Available for Android and iOS, Babbel is a simple and fun app for learning languages ​​like English, German, Spanish and French. You can practice directly from your smartphone with interactive courses and lessons lasting about 15 minutes to take at any time. To access the courses you must necessarily subscribe to a subscription starting from € 9,95 per month.


Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, Uniwhere allows, through your smartphone, to check exams, lesson times, start chats to get help on courses, access webmails and much more. It supports over 40 universities, including UNIPD (University of Padua, (UNIBO), University of Bologna and many others. Free of charge.

Quick Graph

Available for iOS, Quick Graph is one of the best graphing scientific calculators for iPhone. Up to 6 equations can be displayed simultaneously, in both 2D and 3D. Offers support for

Cartesian, polar, cylindrical and spherical coordinate systems providing a rich library with the most used equations. Free.

Free Physics Formulas

Available for Android, Free Physics Formulas is one of the most popular Physics apps on the Play Store. It allows you to have all the formulas at your fingertips through clear and simple graphics. It is organized by topics, you can enter data to quickly calculate the results of a problem and you can create an archive of the most used formulas to recall them when needed. Free. 

SSF Philosophy

Available for Android, SSF Philosophy is an app created by De Agostini that collects the fundamental concepts of philosophy by providing the student with a compendium to always have at hand. You can insert notes, consult thematic cards, practice quizzes and so on. By the same author there are also apps dedicated to physics, art and history. Free. 

Save my notes - diary

Available for Android, Save my notes - diary is an app that offers the possibility to save important notes and concepts of a lesson. Thanks to its essential and simple interface, it facilitates the organization of notes with the possibility of protecting them with a password and consulting them offline. Simple and straightforward, this app is really useful for its minimal look but also offers automatic spelling correction, font and text color adjustment and offline backup. Free.

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