Saturday WhatsApp will be paid: here is the hoax announcement!

The following message has been circulating on WhatsApp for a few months:

Saturday morning whatsapp will become paid! If you have at least twenty contacts send this message to them. So it will turn out that you are a frequent user and your logo will turn blue and will remain free (they talked about it on the news). Whatsapp will cost € 0,01 per message. Send it to ten people. “Hi, we are Andy and Jonh, the directors of whatsapp. A few months ago we warned you that from this summer whatsapp would no longer be free; we always do what we say, in fact, we inform you that from today whatsapp will cost 1 euro per month. If you want to continue using your account for free, send this message to 20 contacts in your address book, if you do, you will receive a text message from the number: 123 # 57 and they will tell you that whatsapp is free for HER !!! THANK YOU…. and if you don't believe us check it out for yourself on our website ( UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN. PS: when you do, the light will turn blue (if you don't send it, the whatsapp agency will activate the cost). "

This is of course a new hoax and that is worrying all users of the most used messaging app in the world and acquired a few years ago by Facebook. The warning is becoming a real chain.

WhatsApp is an app with an annual subscription for 89 cents, and paying a euro cent for each message exchanged would become absurd, just as it is absurd to turn this message to twenty contacts in order to make the logo blue and free.

The appeal will always be current because it does not give a precise expiration date, but speaks generically of a Saturday morning. So be wary of these messages and before forwarding anything try to inform yourself first on the Internet, perhaps by typing on Google the first sentences of the message you received. 

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