Samsung Galaxy Note 20: how to make and save screenshots (screenshots)

Take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra it's super simple, if you're looking for a way to make and save screenshots on the latest Samsung phablet then you are in the right place.

How to take screenshots on Galaxy Note 20

Here is a guide with the methods, from the simplest to the most complex, that will allow you to take screenshots on Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra quickly.

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Method 1: key combination

Let's see the steps to follow to take screenshots with the Galaxy Note 20:

  1. Go to the screen where you want to take the screenshot.
  2. Press at the same time Volume Down + Power key for a few moments.
  3. The moment you see a short animation and hear a sound release the keys.
  4. After taking the screenshot you will see some links that you can use to edit the screenshot or share it quickly.
  5. Go to the Gallery app to find the screenshot you just captured.

As you can see the steps to take screenshots with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 are really simple and fast.

Method 2: Take a screenshot with the Pen S

The Note 20 series has another way to let you capture parts of the screen: the one with the S Pen.

To select part of the display and take a screenshot, just extract the S Pen and from the menu that opens, choose Smart selection. If you are already using your S Pen, tap on the floating bubble with the pen icon and then on Smart selection.

With Smart Select you can choose a rectangular area or shape of your choice for the screenshot and then share or draw / write. Alternatively you can take advantage of the functionality Screen writing, by accessing the options of Air Command, which will allow you to capture the entire screen by editing and writing on it.

Method 3: Palm Drag Screen Capture

Swipe your hand across the screen from right to left (or vice versa) with a smooth speed. The screen will flash indicating that a screenshot has been taken. The image will be saved in the app Gallery automatically.

To use this feature, you must first enable it from settings by going to:

Settings> Advanced Features> Motion & Gestures> Palm Drag & Drop Capture and activating the option to enable it.

Method 4: Screen button

Access the screen notifications, by swiping from top to bottom. You will find the toogle, buttons that allow access to quick functions of your Samsung smartphone. Among them you need to locate the button Screenshot. Press it and automatically the screen you are viewing will be captured and saved in Gallery of the phone.

Method 5: Voice Assistant

With the help of Google's voice assistant, you can easily take a screenshot on Note 20. To do this, simply say the voice command “O”To start the assistant and then ask him to take a screenshot of the screen you are viewing and that's it.

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