Pokemon Sword and Shield - First steps guide

Starting your adventure in Pokemon Sword and Shield is a step as easy as it is actually difficult. Find out with me how to make your journey easier!

For you, who are starting Pokemon Sword and Shield or for those who missed something interesting at the beginning because maybe you went straight like a bull, it can become difficult to choose which Pokemon to catch. For this, we will list some monsters that can be devastating from the start if well combined with the appropriate starter. You will easily realize if the choice is right or not, based on the speed with which you will knock out the opposing Pokemon!

So ready, set, go!


The first Pokemon chosen is Wooper, coming from the second generation. Wooper can be captured west of Lake Axewell in the Wilderness when the weather is partly cloudy, rainy, stormy or windy. Both he and - obviously - his evolution Quagsire they are of great help against Nessa, the gym leader who specializes in the water type, and Kabu, the gym leader who specializes in the fire type.

Thanks to the Water Absorb skill, Quagsire can recharge health when hit by water-type moves and deal massive damage to the Dreadnaw of Nessa, weak to the land moves of our monster. Also, if you want to see that turtle KO quickly, combine the Dynamax's Quagsire with his Colpodifango and enjoy the show.


The second Pokemon chosen is woobat, which can be captured in the Mines of Galar. While both he and his evolution Swoobat they won't be very useful in the endgame, their double psycho / flying type will be of great help against Milo, the first gym leader to specialize in the grass type. The flying type moves of this cute bat will also be useful against the Centiskorch of Kabu, as that Pokemon is a double beetle / fire type.


The third Pokemon chosen is Magikarp. This Pokemon is catchable near any lake, river, or sea. Simply walk on the shore and - when you see bubbles emerge - press A. At that moment, your character will draw a hook and start fishing. The chances of taking a Magikarp they are very tall. This Pokemon will not learn any useful moves for some time, but - since the game automatically shares the experience - in a short time it will reach level 20, and in short, its evolution, Gyarados needs no introduction.


The last Pokemon chosen is vulpix, catchable in Route 3. vulpix e Ninetales, its evolution, they are Pokemon - we want to get out of balance - from competitive, so catching one before Milo's grass-type gym is mandatory if you haven't chosen Scorbunny.

Good luck, coaches!

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