How to watch TV on iPad and iPhone

There are several devices that use the Wi-Fi connection to bring the television signal to the iPad, but they always require a lot of configuration work and often have limitations.

TrekStor offers an alternative: i.Gear Terres Stick DVB-T to iPad e iPhone. In practice it consists of a receiver equipped with a telescopic antenna that connects directly to the device connector and integrates everything necessary for the reception of digital terrestrial channels.

Just install the free App of TrekStor for channel management and that's it. The i.Gear Terres Stick DVB-T is not limited only to playing broadcasts, it also offers recording and time shift functions, i.e. the ability to pause a program while we are watching it and then resume watching it after an interval.

The function is equally useful EPG, that is the electronic guide of television programs, which offers an immediate overview of all broadcasts and allows you to set their recording with the utmost happiness.

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