How to use your smartphone as a hotspot

How to use your smartphone as a router, a quick and easy guide to surf the Internet and discover how to use your smartphone as a hotspot, without having to take out a new subscription.

If you do not have a landline or wireless network at home, it may be useful and very economical to use smartphones as a modem. By doing this, your mobile phone becomes a wireless modem to which other devices can be connected to share navigation through the 4G / 3G network.

How to use your smartphone as a hotspot

Almost all new generation Android and iPhone smartphones support the hotspot function and only older models do not have it. Before seeing how, make sure you have an active navigation data plan on your smartphone. Several subscriptions also offer 30 GB of navigation per month that you will hardly be able to use from your smartphone and that can be easily used to surf the Internet from your notebook or tablet.

Then make sure that the additional costs foreseen for Hotspot browsing Tim, wind e Three allow you to use your plan's data traffic also in Hotspot, while Vodafone, for example, it allows you to surf up to 5 GB of data traffic per day at a cost of 6 euros.

How to use Android as a router

use smartphone as a Wifi repeater with Android and activate Personal Hotspot, you have to go to Settings> Network and Internet, Then Hotspot e tethering and put on On the option Wi-Fi Hotspot. Then stop on Configure Wi-Fi hotspots and Your name of network, assign the name with which you want the Wi-Fi network created by the smartphone to be recognized.

Then set the network password and step on Save. At this point you can use the credentials to connect to the smartphone from other wireless devices and navigate using the mobile phone as a modem.

To have more control over the traffic consumed and not exceed the monthly limit, you can use the free app for Android Glasswire. After downloading it from Google Play, open it and go to the settings menu and access Piano give to set up the active data plan on your mobile.

This way the app displays a notification indicating data usage for a certain period and alerts you when you are approaching the limit.

When you activate Personal Hotspot, your smartphone will tend to heat up and the battery will drain very quickly. I advise you to take this into account if you want to avoid finding yourself with a dead mobile phone.

How to use iPhone as a router

use smartphone as a Wifi repeater with iOS and activate Personal Hotspot, you have to go to Settings> Personal Hotspot and tap the slider at the top to activate it. then stop on Wi-Fi Password, set the network key and tap end to save.

With Personal Hotspot, you can also connect to your mobile phone modem via Bluetooth and the USB cable.

Set metered connection on PC

When you surf the Internet from your PC, you consume much more data than a mobile device. Furthermore, when the PC is connected to the smartphone with Wi-Fi, you could download updates in the background, quickly consuming the available data traffic.

For this reason it is always better to disable automatic updates of Windows 10 and other programs. If you are using Windows 10, when you are connected to the mobile hotspot, click on the icon Wi-Fi present in taskbar and then Property.

In Connection according to consumption put on On.

This way the Microsoft operating system will know that it is a connection with a limited data plan and will block updates by limiting the use of data by some applications.

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