How to use Mac, iPad and iPhone together

There are many ways to use our Mac together with other Apple devices: iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Here are 8 ways:

1) Synchronization via Wi-Fi

Starting from iOS5 it is possible to synchronize iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the Mac via the Wi-Fi network. To set it up, just connect it via USB and select the device in iTunes. click on Contents and scrolling down to check the item Sync with this device via Wi-Fi.

2) Backup Restore

Every time we sync the Mac with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch a lot of data and settings will be copied. To restore from the last Backup, we connect the device using the USB cable, click on its name and in iTunes, then on Contents > Restore Backup Data and after the notice, Restore.


3) Use the iPad as an Extra screen

If we need more screen space we can download AirDisplay at € 7,99 for iPad or iPhone, together with the necessary software for Mac from We both connect to the same Wi-Fi network, open the App on the iPad, click on the AirDisplay menu on the Mac and select the device to turn it into an extra screen.

4) Print with printers not equipped with AirPrint

IOS devices can only print to special printers enabled forAirPrint (This is a wireless printing service that allows iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch customers only to print without configuring or downloading). But Printopia of, for 16 € allows you to print from an iPhone or iPad via the Wi-Fi network to any printer that is connected to the Mac. We can also add virtual printers with Send To Mac, which converts documents to JPEG and PDF for archiving on Mac.

5) Let's check the Mac

Mobile Mouse turns the iPhone into a wireless trackpad and keyboard for the Mac. We need the software on the Mac, thanks to which the two devices will automatically recognize each other on the Wi-Fi network. There is also a version for iPhone, both Lite, free, and Pro, from € 1,59 as well as one for iPad, sermpre with the choice between Lite and Pro, at € 2,39. In both cases, the apps have been updated to iOS 6.


6) We listen to music on the Mac

La Sharing in the family i iTunes allows us to enjoy music and movies stored on the Mac using an iOS device. We connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network, then in iTunes on the Mac we click on Advanced> Turn on Home Sharing and we write our Apple ID and our password. On the device, we press Settings> Music and go to sharing in family with the same data.

7) We transfer files using iTunes

To transfer documents and videos to and from iOS devices just click the device in iTunes, then click Application and scroll to sharing papers. We click on the program to which or from which we want to transfer the file and use Add.., Save to ... to choose what to transfer.


8) Let's turn the Mac into an AirPlay receiver

AirServer turns the Mac into an AirPlay receiver, this means we can stream music and movies from iOS devices to Mac. We download and install the at 12 € and then we press the AirPlay button on the App controls or on the multitasking bar of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and press on the name of our Mac.

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