How to use WhatsApp without SIM on Android

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You want to use WhatsApp without SIM? In case you don't know it is possible to chat with WhatsApp on yours Android even without a SIM and therefore without a telephone number.

All you need to do to find out how to chat with WhatsApp without SIM is to continue reading this guide.

How to use WhatsApp without SIM on Android

First, if you have an Android smartphone you have to download the WhatsApp app from the Play Store, if you have a Android tablet you need to download the file . Apk from site and install it manually.

Once the application is launched, you will be asked to use your phone number for activation. Get a friend's phone number or a relative who does not use WhatsApp and make sure you have their phone at hand: it will only be used for the initial setup.

In the window Verify telephone number, enter the number you got and give theOK. WhatsApp will try to send you the verification code by SMS. After a few minutes, having failed, he will ask you if you want to be called to give you the code by phone. Confirm and after a few moments the phone will ring. All that remains is to answer to find out the code to enter in the app and complete the configuration operation.

Now you can return the phone to your friend and start using WhatsApp.

Another solution, if you don't have a mobile number, is to use an online service like which provides a mobile number to activate one voiceemail and that you can use for WhatsApp activation. However, the numbers available are limited.

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