How to take and save the screenshot on BlackBerry

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In this article we will show you a guide for take and capture screenshots on BlackBerry in the way quick and easy.

Are you recently in possession of the latest top of the BlackBerry range? and do you need to take screenshots?

If you don't know it for run and save the screenshot on the BlackBerry you must first position yourself on the screen you intend to capture and then simultaneously press the "HIGH VOLUME"And"LOW VOLUME".

High Volume + Low Volume = Screenshot

This system is valid for i BlackBerry os10, BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Q5, Blackberry Z10, BlackBerry Z30.

If the operation was successful, the screen will flash for a moment and you will hear a click.

The images will be saved in the "Gallery”Of your mobile device's camera, even if you choose the save to SD option.

Now you can share the saved screen with whoever you want.

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