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Sharing photos and videos, conversations and voice calls with WhatsApp consume a significant volume of data. If you want to avoid burning tens of gigabytes of the telephone plan with your smartphone, I recommend you reduce WhatsApp data consumption, Like? Read on and I'll explain how to do it.

You need to know that with the correct settings, you can succeed in reduce WhatsApp data consumption and therefore avoid losing all the volume of your telephone plan at the beginning of the month. The advice is to try to curb the data greed of the world's most famous messaging app, let's see how.

If you have a smartphone Android, to set the data consumption you must first of all plug on the three dots, top right, and then up Settings> Chat and calls e Automatic download. From here, you will have to set which multimedia data (Images, Audio, Video) WhatsApp will have to upload to your smartphone, tapping on the items When you use the mobile challenge, When connesso processes Wi-Fi o When I was roaming.

Voice messages are always downloaded automatically for a better communication experience.

In order to save and limit WhatsApp data consumption, in the case of mobile phone calls, from the options menu, under Chat and call you have to activate the option Reduced data consumption. This setting will cause a deterioration in the voice quality of conversations but at least it will allow you to reduce WhatsApp data consumption allowing you significant savings.

For iPhone, to consume less data traffic with WhatsApp you have to tap on Settings> Data usage. From here you can choose whether images, voice messages or videos should never be automatically transferred to the iPhone but only via WLAN or even through the smartphone's mobile network. 

For mobile calls via WhatsApp you must activate the option Reduced data consumption which will reduce the voice quality of conversations but in return will allow you to limit the consumption of WhatsApp data volume

Instead, to have information in your smartphone on the consumption of your overall data volume all you have to do is analyze the option Network usage reachable on Android da Settings> Accounts> Network Usage and iPhone da Settings> Data usage> Network usage.

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