How to put the writing on TikTok

You are perhaps trying to understand how to put the writing on TikTok? Great! Find out now how to put perfect eye catcher writings!

You will surely have noticed on TikTok the presence of videos with particular writings that arouse curiosity and inform followers. Maybe you feel like creating a clip with your phrases and you can't find the function in your favorite App, fortunately this article will try to solve your doubt for the most popular devices.

In the next few lines we will try to understand how to put the writing on TikTok without too many worries, first with the default functions of this platform and then with third-party applications designed just for those who want something special.

Take a pen and paper if you are reading from a smartphone and let's see together how to insert perfect writings in your videos in a few seconds. We recommend that you also read the articles How to make the transition on TikTok and How to recover deleted TikToks to get even better results in order to increase the number of your followers and the quality of the content offered on the hottest platform of the moment.

Perfect eye catcher lettering? Possible thanks to these tips on how to put the writing on TikTok!

As you know very well it is possible to use the TikTok App both with operating systems Apple and Android, the platform was created with the intention of embracing all users of both the apple world and the competition. So that you have a guide that is always ready to be consulted and not too general, in the next paragraphs we will analyze the methods for write on TikTok videos on both iOS mobile devices and Android supported products. We see how to put the writing on TikTok with these operating systems.

Insert the writings on TikTok with Android

Adding the writings in your videos on TikTok with an Android operating system is really very simple, you can take advantage of the function present within the official application. In summary, it is necessary to:

  1. Create a new video.
  2. Select the option to insert text.
  3. Customize it.

But let's see the steps individually so as not to miss anything.

We assume that you have already downloaded the official App from the Play Store, in case you have not done so it is the first necessary step. Once installed on your Android smartphone you have to start TikTok and press the button capacitor positive (+) lead that you will find at the bottom of the screen; this will allow you to start recording the video.

As for a traditional clip you have to choose its duration through the dedicated menu, once the duration has been defined, it is time to press on the now famous red circle at the bottom of the screen, this will start recording. As with traditional videos, just press the (✓) symbol to stop recording, you will find it at the bottom right of the screen.

If you are satisfied with the video you just recorded it is time to click on the option Text (Aa) to enter the text you want, you can find it at the bottom of the screen. TikTok allows you to add a background to the written text or border as well, this happens thanks to the function placed on the left visible with the small square with the letter A..

If you are a perfectionist of symmetry, pressing on four horizontal lines placed on the left, you will have the option to align the text as you like (left-center-right). Now it's time to decide the font for the writing, here it depends on your tastes and what you want to communicate, TikTok offers many interesting fonts, choose the one that best suits your tastes and background color. We advise you to also use the colored dots at the bottom to change the color of the letters used, this is essential to have a legible contrast on the video.

Much of the work has been done, check that everything is to your liking and press your voice Done, located at the top right, to complete the operation. TikTok at this point will open a screen to let you decide where in the video you want to insert the text created, by dragging it you can select the precise point. The App allows you to choose the duration of the superimposed text and the modification in case of second thoughts during the preview of the video, just click on the writing and select Modification.

The process is finished, you just have to press on NEXT, add a catchy description and press Public bottom right.

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How to put the writings on TikTok in time

You must know that you can insert the writings on TikTok by choosing the time during which the text can appear on the screen.

All you have to do is tap on the created text I will select the voice Tax duration.

After pressing on it, a screen will open where you can move the two sliders to indicate the time range in which to show the text.

Press to confirm on the mustache, bottom right, and enter the new text.

By doing this you can insert multiple texts in sequence, each visible in a certain portion of time.

Be careful when inserting the texts in sequence, as you may overlap them.

The steps are as follows, for example to type the phrase "how to edit written on TikTok" you have to:

  1. Record a video.
  2. Press the icon Text (Aa).
  3. Enter the text and press on Done.
  4. Press on the text created and step on Set duration.
  5. Set the red cursors from 0,0s to 2.9s and press the (✓) at the bottom right to confirm.
  6. Press the icon Text (Aa).
  7. Type the next text and press on Done
  8. Move the red sliders from 3.0 to 3.5 and so on.

At the end you can preview the sequence or by pressing the button Play next to the item The selected slider will last (xs). returning to the screen for creating the text to review the video.

When the result is optimal, press the button NEXT and then Public.

Consider that you can edit the sequentially created texts by simply tapping on them and selecting the item Modification.

Insert the writings on TikTok with iOS and iPadOS

If you don't have an Android smartphone but love using TikTok on a iPad o iPhone then you need to download TikTok from the App Store before starting the process.

As it is easy to deduce TikTok is the same application on both operating systems, in many cases the Apps are designed differently depending on the operating system, but in the case of TikTok the steps to follow to insert the writings on the clips are identical.

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Best apps to insert writings on TikTok

Although the default functions of TikTok are sufficient to obtain good results, if you are looking for a little more it is important to also take a look at the Third-party app in order to get the most out of it.

But how do you put the writings in the videos with external apps and above all which are the best?

There are so many Apps available and each one can offer you a little something different depending on what your needs are. We recommend that you try several to find the one that best suits your tastes and goals.

  • LightMV (Android, iOS): It is a very powerful free video maker with the ability to upload photos or videos from your phone. You can customize them by adding the text you like best and then customize it to your liking. The videos made can be easily shared with your followers or friends on TikTok, but also on other social media, such as: Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Magisto (Android, iOS): It is a free app from Vimeo for video editing. You can record videos and choose a custom editing style, Magisto's artificial intelligence will create a movie for you. It has a large music library and you can add effects, lyrics (with customizable fonts) and titles. You can even upload videos from your photo gallery and Google Drive.
  • CapCut Video Editor (Android, iOS): Free all-in-one video editing app allows you to cut, reverse and speed up or slow down videos with slow motion effect. Lots of beauty filters and effects with the best stickers and fonts to enhance your videos.
  • InShot (Android, iOS): This powerful video editor with in-app purchases to unlock professional tools, offers not only video creation but also the ability to add text on video and photos with many customizable fonts. You can also have fun choosing animal stickers and emojis by syncing them with the video.
  • Zoomerang (Android, iOS): It's a great video maker with tutorials. It will help you make your videos perfect for TikTok and Instagram. Thanks to its 100 tutorials you will be able to make incredible videos by adding writings at will.

For more information, I invite you to also read our guide on best free video editing programs.

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