How to protect the security of your personal files on Android

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In this post we will explain to you how to protect the security of your personal files on android through the Andrognito app.

With the spread of cloud storage, several apps were born with the aim of guaranteeing the security of files stored both in the cloud and on the mobile device.

Among the many views Andrognito it is definitely one of the best capable apps protect the security of your personal files on Android. The application uses a three-level encryption service so that only users with a specific PIN can access certain files. Even if your device falls into the wrong hands, you don't need to worry, Stealth Mode will keep your data safe by fooling intruders. This is a pack of useful features and in this guide we will explain how to use Andrognito to securely protect files stored in internal memory, and discover some of its many great uses.

Enter the Password

When you start Andrognito for the first time, you need to enter a username and PIN to create your account. Look for a PIN that is difficult to remember. Once created, Andrognito will search for all saved files.

Search and Start protection

All your files will be distributed in different folders, depending on the directory where they were saved. A small icon is displayed for each file type which can help you recognize the file types.

Once you locate the file you want to protect within Andrognito, long-press on each, until the check mark appears. Now press the lock icon to protect them.

Search for protected files

Tap the menu icon, top left, to open the side menu. Next to the item "File" you should now see a number that corresponds to that of the files you have protected with the created PIN.

Protect the entire contents of the folder

You can perform the same action on entire folders. Press and hold on a specific folder and tap the “Flash” icon in the bottom bar. The app scans and protects the entire contents of the folder.

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