How to print with an Android smartphone or tablet

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Now the latest generation printers allow you to print even from our tablet or smartphone avoiding having to turn on the computer every time. But what if, on the other hand, we have a printer that is not of the latest generation without support for Wi-Fi and internet connections? Do not worry, thanks to some solutions for Android it is possible to print everywhere equally, as long as the old device is connected to the PC through the USB port.

Google Cloud Print

It all happens with Google Cloud Print, in practice we use Google's servers to send documents that we want to transfer on paper from our mobile devices to the printer.
The first step is register our old printer so that it is recognized by Google systems. We turn on the computer and the printer, and check that the latter is correctly recognized by the system, after which we can connect to the control panel of our Google account.

From here by choosing the cloud print function we will be guided by the on-screen instructions until the printer is added to the service. Completed the operation if we access the app Cloud Print, already included in version 4.4 kitkat or downloadable from play Store, we will see the identification of the printers appear.

At this point, a distinction must be made between smartphones equipped with 4.4 Android kitkat and those who do not have itthe. In the first we will find the print button in most apps and to print, just find the appropriate button and start the procedure. In seconds, after downloading theApp Cloud Print just open it and choose the app that contains the files to print from within it, then select the document to print.

In case our PC is not connected and the printer is not connected to the internet, Google Cloud Print will add the file to be printed to the print queue, and when the PC is back online the operation will start immediately.


Another of the best apps that allow printing from our Android device is PrinterShare. Available on the Play Store, it can be downloaded for free, allows the printing of a maximum of 20 pages. If, on the other hand, we want to print without any limitation, there is the Premium version at the cost of 9,95 €.

In addition to the Internet connection, PrinterShare allows the local printing via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB. In this case we will do everything from the App, limiting ourselves to selecting the printer to our wireless network, via Bluetooth or USB, and then launching the process. If, on the other hand, we want to carry out printouts via the internet, we must install the program on our PC PrinterShare. The configuration of the service in this case will take place through the software made available by the manufacturer of the app, which can be downloaded from the site Its role is to create a connection between the PrinterShare network and the printers connected to the computer and it is essential to use the mobile application remotely.

To take advantage of the online printing features is required register a free account for the service, in this way we will find our devices and their configurations in the app. Once the printer has been added, it will be possible to start the process by choosing the document to be transferred to paper. From the main menu of the app we will be able to access Gmail, Google Docs, Web Pages, documents and so on, to select the file that interests us and wait for PrinterShare to transfer it to the printer.

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