How to move WhatsApp to SD card

In this post I will explain to you how to move whatsapp to sd card in Android by installing ADT Bundle and official drivers for Android devices.

Over time, conversations and various attachments such as photos and files take up space on the device's memory and we may have trouble installing other apps. To solve the problem you can move WhatsApp to SD card of your Android mobile device.

Let's see how to do it.

If your Android smartphone is not rootato, download theADT Bundle compatible with your operating system and unpack it on your PC. From This Page, download and install i official drivers for Android devices.

Go to your Android device, in Settings> Developer options and check the Debug USB (to activate the Developer options go up Settings> About device and stop 7 consecutive times on the Build version).

Connect the mobile device to the PC with the USB cable. Go to the folder sdkplatform-tools present inADT Bundle previously unpacked. By holding down the key SHIFT right click and select Open command window here.

Type adb service –l to verify that the device is recognized. Then type the command adb shell to access the terminal. Then type pm set-install-location 2, or if we have an error pm setInstall Locaion 2.

Now going in Settings> Applications and selecting WhatsApp the button will be available Move to SD card which will allow us to transfer the app to the SD memory card.

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