How to monitor ADSL speeds

Do you want to know how fast is your ADSL connection? Nothing could be simpler, there are excellent tools on the Web that perform this task very well, keep reading and I'll reveal to you how to monitor ADSL speed.

Have you recently noticed that navigation is slow and you want to take a speed test directly online without installing anything? First make sure there is no program or device that you are using the internet connection and then connect to SpeedTest. This online tool, also available on Android e iOS, allows you to test the ADSL speed.

To monitor the ADSL speed, just select one of the servers near your location to start the test. The program will then start calculating the ping time and will carry out an evaluation of the speed in both download and upload.

SpeedTest it is a very reliable service and it needs to work Flash Player. To check the ADSL speed, you have to click on the button START TEST (the green triangle in the center indicates the connection server for the test) and wait for the operation to complete. At the end of the test the program will give you the result of the speed of Download (unloading) and of Upload (load) in Mbps, the speed of the Ping (the time it takes to contact an online resource) and the details Address IP e ISP.

To change the speed measurement of your ADSL, you can click on the link Settings, located at the top right, and choose the option from the following items:

  • Kilobit
  • Kilobytes
  • megabits
  • megabytes

Click on Save to return to the main screen.

Le alternative a Speed Test

Two other great tools to monitor ADSL speed are:

  • Broadband Speed Checker
  • Speed of me (does not require the presence of Flash Player).

For further information, I invite you to read this guide on best Speed ​​Test.

Auslogics Internet Optimizer

If you have noticed that something is negatively affecting the speed at which you are browsing, you can always get help from Auslogics Internet Optimizer. It is a software capable of analyzing the system parameters that could cause navigation problems. All you have to do is install it and indicate the type of connection and then start the test.

At the end of the verification, you will be shown all the non-optimized parameters, divided into categories, which can be corrected automatically by the software or manually by the user.

Attention: Auslogics Internet Optimizer performs a backup before starting the optimization, it is however possible to restore the original values ​​at any time.

Measurement certified with AGCOM Internet Measurement

Even if the speed detected was lower than that declared by ours Internet Provider, this type of test would have no legal value even if for a more reliable measurement I suggest you repeat the operation at different times and choosing different servers.

However it is possible to make a certified measurement of the performance of your connection by exploiting Measure the Internet, a service made available by AGCOM, the Italian Communications Authority.

The procedure requires a registration phase and then the installation of a software called Nemesys, which must run for 24 hours, with one measurement every hour. During this time you will not have to use the internet, although some tolerance is allowed. Nemesys can detect excessive network bandwidth usage not connected to the test itself. The issued certificate can be used for legal purposes to demonstrate any breach by the provider, if the performance is lower than contractually provided.

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