How to fix broken home button on iPhone

Has your iPhone suffered a bad fall? Have you noticed that the Home button on your iPhone is no longer as efficient as it used to be? Do not know how to fix broken home button on iPhone?

Since it is the only key that exists, it is easy for it to wear out and this will send you into crisis. Don't worry, we propose below some solutions "do-it-yourself”To solve the problem of Home button not working on iPhone before seeking Apple support.

The interventions on how to fix broken home button on iPhone they can be software and hardware.

Home key recalibration not working

In case the system does not recognize the pressure on the Home button it is possible to carry out the recalibration procedure button itself as follows:

  • Open a default application, for example Calculator o weather.
  • Press and hold the button Power (Power On / Off) for a long time as if we wanted to turn off the phone; when the option "Swipe to turn off“, Release the button Power.
  • Press and hold the button Home, the option "Swipe to turn off”Will disappear and the application will close. At the end the button Home it will be recalibrated and should work again.

To test the successful calibration open several apps and close them again and try multitasking with a double press of the button Home. If the key will work again, it means that the key is not working Home it was due to a software problem otherwise it will be necessary to intervene on the hardware side performing some manual operations "do-it-yourself”Or by contacting an Apple Store directly.

To repair a stuck Home key with the "Do it yourself" we can

  • connect the charging cable to the phone and gently push the connector down so that the button is lifted Home; we press the button Home, at the same time, to see if it works.
  • press and hold the key Home and try with a can of compressed air and blow into the connection port under the phone to eliminate any foreign bodies.
  • place the iPhone on a flat surface. Press and hold the key Home and rotate the phone clockwise while continuing to apply pressure. The key should reset.

Contact an Apple Store for assistance

If none of these attempts solve the problem then that remains make use of the guarantee (in this case the replacement of the mobile device will be free). If we don't have a guarantee we will have to contact and go to a Apple Store for the Home button repair.

The alternative home button solution

In the meantime it is possible enable an alternate Home button, we see how:

on the menu Generali we locate the voice Accessibilità. We look for the voice AssistiveTouch and move the selector to ON. A new button will appear Home on the screen to drag anywhere we want. In addition to the Home button, five other options are available: SIRI, Favorites, Notification Center, Device, Control Center.

Attention this method is available for iOS 5 and later.

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