How to download foreign apps from the Google Play Store

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Do you want download foreign apps from Goolge Play Store but you don't know how to do it? You should know that the list of apps available on the Android Play Store depends on the country from which you log in. Many apps available on the American store, for example, are downloadable because Google is able to recognize the country from which we connect.

Read on to find out how to download foreign apps from google play store.

To access the American Play Store you need to make sure that Google recognizes you as a US user. To do this, you can use a VPN participation which allows you to connect to the Internet with an IP different from that of your country. Go to Settings and in the section Wireless and Networks / Connections touching Other or Other networks. Touch VPN and then +. At this point you need to set up the VPN.

In your case you can use a free one like Best VPN USA. In Your name write Best VPNin Type select PPTP and Address Server & Hosting finger Click on Save and select the VPN you just created.

To log in use as username e 5854 as a password.

Now for download foreign apps on Android Play Store, log in and go to the site to check if you are recognized as being logged in from the United States. Then go in Account settings and delete the Google account set up on the device by clicking on Account removal. Then go in Settings / Apps / Google Play Store or Settings / Application Management / All / Google Play Store and delete all application data by clicking on the button Clear data. Start the Play Store.

Having no Google account set up, you will be prompted to do so to access the app store. In your case you will need to create a new one. At the end of the wizard you will finally be able to access the American store.

Another solution is that of alternative stores, to find out more you can take a look here: The best Stores with Free Apps alternative to Google Play and Apple Store.

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