How to deactivate the My Wind SMS notification service - Iter and costs

From 15 December 2014 the notification service SMS My Wind it will become paid and will cost 19 cents.

Do you want disable the My Wind SMS notification service but you don't know how to do it? Are you tired of receiving notifications from the My Wind SMS notification service? Read on and we'll explain how to disable the service.

After You Know and Call Now TIM e Recall and Call me by Vodafone now Wind also intends to charge for the notification of missed calls.

How the My Wind SMS service works

The My Wind service alerts the user who has received calls with an SMS while the phone is off, unreachable or while he is engaged in another conversation. The SMS, currently free, indicates the time, date and number of the person who called in the last few 48 hours.

How much does the SMS My Wind service cost

If in the course of 7 days you receive a notification SMS from My Wind, you will be charged 19 cents on the credit, the subsequent SMS received within those 7 days will be free. You will pay 19 cents only for the first SMS received. In case you do not have credit on the SIM, you will be charged 19 cents on the first top-up.

How to deactivate the My Wind SMS service

The My Wind SMS service is active on each rechargeable also for those activated before October 20, 2014. to deactivate or activate it, just call 403020 free of charge and follow the recorded voice.

By deactivating the call forwarding to the answering machine or to another number, you will have to deactivate My Wind again, since in these cases the service is reactivated automatically.

Following this proposed modification of the contractual conditions, you can exercise the right of withdrawal from all Wind services, without penalties or deactivation costs, as required by art. 70 paragraph 4 of the Electronic Communications Code, by notifying us by the date indicated in the message received, by registered letter with return receipt to the following address:

Wind Telecomunicazioni SpA - Cancellation Service

P.O. Box 14155 - Milan Post Office 65 - 20152 

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