How not to save Whatsapp photos on Android

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How not to save WhatsApp photos on a. Here are some good solutions on how not to save WhatsApp photos on Android so as not to fill your phone memory with heavy media files.

When you receive photos or videos from WhatsApp, they are automatically saved in the gallery of the Android phone with consequent occupation of the internal memory. The large amount of photos sent by friends of the WhatsApp groups you belong to may also be in bad taste and some family members may inadvertently see them while browsing your gallery.

How not to save WhatsApp photos on Android

If you have asked yourself several times how to avoid this situation, well the solution is to read this guide on what to download and what not to download from WhatsApp chats.

How not to save WhatsApp photos of all group or individual chats

To prevent media files, i.e. photos and videos, of your groups or individual chats from being saved in the Gallery of your Android phone, you must:

1. To open WhatsApp.

2. Go to the top menu (three dots) and then up Settings> Chat.

3. Stop on Media visibility to deactivate it.

This way all downloaded media will not be shown in the phone gallery. This is an already active option that only affects the files you download and not the existing ones.

How not to save WhatsApp photos in a specific group or individual chat

1. apri WhatsApp.

2. Open one group chat o individual.

3. Go to the top menu and press on Group info o Show contact.

4. Press on Media visibility.

5. In the window Show recently downloaded media from this chat in the phone gallery? Between Default (YES), Si e No, awarded his No and confirm with OK.

How not to save WhatsApp photos depending on the type of connection

To filter the photos received according to the type of connection, on WhatsApp you can also set additional filters.

1. apri WhatsApp

2. Go to the top menu with the three dots and select Settings> Data usage and archiving

3. In section Automatic media download you will see three different options:

    • When using the mobile network.
    • When connected via Wi-Fi.
    • When you are roaming.

Enter each section and uncheck the options Gallery, Audio, Video e Documents to disable automatic download.

How to hide WhatsApp photos on Gallery

A good alternative to the instructions on how not to save WhatsApp photos to gallery is to rely on third-party apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Android you just need to create a file .nomedia in the WhatsApp images folder. This mode is applicable by downloading, if your phone does not have one, a file explorer.

Samsung smartphones usually have in the app archive the ability to create folders by selecting Memory sustainability, Sheet SD or Samsung Cloud Drive. WhatsApp images are in /WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Images.

The alternative I recommend you download CX File Explorer.

After downloading and installing it on your phone start it and go up Memory> WhatsApp> Media> WhatApp Pictures.

Here create a file with name .nomedia. In this way, all the image or photo files that you will receive in WhatsApp chats will be hidden in the Gallery of your mobile phone. To restore visibility, simply delete the file .nomedia.

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