How can we recover our wet cell phone?

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 Here are the simple steps to follow to have at least some chance of recovering your mobile phone after falling into the water:

  • Remove immediately la battery and yes letter, in this way you avoid damaging the internal circuits of the device. Also remove covers, masks and various caps.
  • Dry it and remove as much water as possible, using cloths and absorbent paper. The wisest choice may be to use a 'vacuum cleaner for about 20 minutes to vacuum the moisture and water accumulated inside. Avoid the hairdryer as it will tend to dry the outside of the device but on the contrary it will push the water and humidity accumulated further inside.


  • Let the phone finish drying. Don't be tempted to turn on your cell phone to see if it works. Let it dry for a long time and turn it on only when you believe that the water has evaporated completely. A patient solution could be to immerse the mobile phone in a sealed envelope with del rice raw. Rice has excellent dehumidifying power and leaving the device immersed for at least 2 or 3 days could help it recover its functionality. The il has another dehumidifying power silica gel. The compound is usually found in the classic sachets that are often present inside the packaging of electronic devices.
  • The last hope. If at this point the phone does not work, try inserting the battery charger after removing the battery. If the cell phone works, you just need a new battery.


After having scrupulously followed the steps listed above, in case you have problems with some buttons still not working, try after opening the device to clean the visible contacts (the golden ones) with a rubber non abrasive, like a pencil and not a ballpoint pen.

Good luck

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