How beautiful it is to make love, official trailer of the film by Fausto Brizzi

Fausto Brizzi engages in an American-style comedy.

What happens if the couple breaks out? In reality, the main problem is only one: sex. Andrea and Giulia are a happy couple, they are forty years old and have a son to whom they reserve attention and love and a nanny from which to defend themselves. But the passion between them has faded. Better to read a book or watch TV or something else. In short, sex is no longer important. At least until you realize that what is missing, sex, is needed.

This is the premise for the spouses of the new film by Fausto Brizzi, played by the talented Fabio De Luigi and Claudia Gerini, who manage to awaken the senses thanks to two outsiders of the theme, the porn star Max, played by Filippo Timi, a friend of Giulia who will soon give "hot" advice to the two, and the irrepressible colleague played by Giorgia Wurth.

Between vibrating rings and delaying condoms, the pleasure will not be long in coming ... along with the laughter.

Soultricks reminds you that you can go and see it again tonight as the release is confirmed for today's date or: Friday February 10 2012.

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