Twilight 5 in production?

There will already be rumors about a fifth episode of the vampire saga

No, we were not wrong. The rumor is really related to a possible fifth episode of Twilight. As hardcore fans of the film will already know, Stephiene Meyer's novels tell the story of the vampire Edward Cullen and the beautiful Isabella Swan in four different publications: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Down. If the first chapter has already been released, and the second is in the pipeline on November 20 with Eclipse set instead in June 2010 and Breaking Down already in production with the aim of 2011 is already speculating on a possible fifth episode.
It's New Moon actor Boo Boo Stewart talking about another movie after Breaking Down. Freely interpretable words: spin-off, division of the same into two episodes as happened for the last episode of Harry Potter or a free sequel. Summit Entertainment, however, has already denied the news by thanking Stewart for the enthusiasm put into the making of the film but specifying that it is completely incorrect and unfounded information.
With a grain of truth, perhaps? But let's think about enjoying New Moon in the meantime, what do you think?
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