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Don't open it !!! …… that door !!

Genre Horror; it is usually rare to find decent ones, this is it.

This is the remake of the 1974 title of the same name that I have never seen and which seems to be a cult of cinema. A nice, young cast with Jessica Biel in the first films.

In summary: 5 guys are heading to a concert and on the way they meet a girl who wanders in obvious shock, they get her on their van and it is the beginning of the end for them. Multiple scenes of various dismemberments, blood to go. The protagonists are well integrated into the roles. The locations are very well built, gloomy and in some cases gloomy at the right point.

The video sector it's great, it borders on the reference. The picture is very clean; the colorimetry in the first scenes is 70's style, a little battered to gradually pass to a more natural but never very bright chrominance; performs very well in my opinion; the brightness is excellent, even in low-light scenes the details are always clearly visible. PPND (PrimoPianoNitidoDettagliato) excellent, PPPND (PrimissimoPianoNitidoDettagliato) excellent, MPP (MezziPrimiPiani) excellent. Full-screen viewing so as to exploit up to the last inch.

Rating: 90

The audio sector, is a performing DolbyTrueHD 5.1 derived from an excellent mixing that enhances its qualities; in films of this genre the auditory part has its great importance in instilling terror in the viewer; without the right contribution, films of this genre lose 70% of "brio". The dialogues boast excellent tonality and body. The level is good, listened to the canonical -20 db. The low frequencies never intervene in a full-bodied way but are present. The surround channels radiate various ambience effects well.

Rating: 86



Behind the screams.

Promotional material.

Deleted scenes.

Music video.


Final comment.

In general an excellent technical sector.

This film, viewed with Blu ray enhances the video quality emitted by your high resolution TV.

PS: If you watch this movie without a decent sound system it loses 85% of its verve.

Movie Rating: 80

Blu-Ray Rating: 88

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