Alice: Otherlands, American McGee's Kickstarter made it!

The Kickstarter campaign for Alice: Otherlands has ended successfully!

The campaign Kickstarter to Alice: Otherlands ended successfully. Today it was announced that the campaign reaches the figure of $ 222.377, surpassing the required base of $ 200.000.

We leave you to the press release for more details.

Alice: Otherlands, American McGee's Kickstarter made it!


Now it will be possible to start a series of animated adventures that will have the world of Alice as a set. The works will start very soon.


The Kickstarter campaign for Alice: Otherlands was successful, reaching $ 222,377 on a $ 200,000 basis.


“I'm more excited than a shark in a tornado,” said American McGee, CEO of Spicy Horse. “We have already dived into non-stop river meetings. Working with Alice and Children Insane is the thing I love most in the world. "


Alice: Otherlands' successful Kickstarter funding allows Spicy Horse to acquire the film rights to American McGee's Alice IP and begin production of a series of digital shorts. Known characters like Tsui Hark (Once Upon A Time in China) and Chris Vrenna of Nine Inch Nails / Marylin Manson have already announced their participation, with a further extension underway, following the success of the campaign.


Going beyond the initial goal will allow the creation of a series of animated short films, with great possibilities for animated series now available, as well as development activities for a feature film, and potentially greater funding possibilities for a larger-scale film, in the near future.


The success of the Campaign was also possible thanks to the contribution of Star2Com Srl and 6X Media, engaged in a massive action on Social Media.


Pre-production of the digital shorts will begin immediately with a launch date scheduled for December 2014.


For more information on Alice: Otherlands and the Kickstarter campaign, please visit:


For more information on Alice: Otherlands please visit:

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