Disappeared Applications icon on Android: how to fix

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How to restore Apps menu icon on Android, Here is a short tutorial on how to recover the button Applications su smartphones Android.

Have you recently noticed that the application menu icon, the one that takes you to the list of all applications, has disappeared from the screen of your Android mobile device? Have you noticed that it is no longer visible and you wish you didn't have to reset your phone to get it back? Don't worry, you will not lose anything and you will not have to reset your mobile. All you need to do is read this guide carefully, because it will help you restore apps menu icon on android in a few simple steps.

The menu icon Applications, the one with the dots also called app drawer di Android, allows you to access all applications on your mobile device, alternatively you can access them by doing one swipe up bottom up. However, if you have noticed the disappearance of the icon, after an update of the device, you can recover it through a series of steps.

Go in the Settings of your Android Oreo mobile device and tap on Screen.

Select Screenshot Home and among the available features, you will see Button Applications.

Move the switch to the right, then up ON and go back to the screen of your Android mobile device. You will see the button Applications which will allow you to open the screen Applications.

Alternatively, you can press for a few seconds on an empty spot on the Home screen of your mobile device and immediately after click on Home settings and then check the item Button Applications.

for older Android versions you can try to install from play store, a launcher. This is an app that controls the layout and appearance of the screen Home and Whatsapp. In this way you can customize the Home screen of your smartphone to your liking as and when you want.

Nova Launcher it is definitely one of the best, to learn more about the topic take a look at this article:

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How to recover mistakenly deleted apps

A good solution to recover deleted apps is through the Google Play Store.

Open the app of Google Play Store and stop on the menu of the three dashes at the top left. In the menu that appears, select Le mie app ei miei giochi. Go to the option COLLECTION and after identifying the app you want to restore, press the button Install, corresponding.

Other checks you can do is connect to the missing app on the Google Play Store. For example if you lost Google Gallery on the Home screen of your Android mobile device, connected to the Google Play Store by visiting this page and see which button is there: UNINSTALL o YOU OPEN. In the latter case it means that the application is still present on the device. In this case, click on OPEN and you will find your App.

Also check in Settings> Applicationsby clicking on the menu All / e, if the application you are looking for is among the Deactivate, if so, reactivate it.

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