Creative Live! Review Cam Sync 1080p

The new Live! Cam di Creative is a Full HD wide angle webcam us double integrated microphone. Supports resolutions a 1080p e 720p a 30fps. Both allow the user to have a clear and natural face capture. Whether it is an important one meeting or a simple one call with friends and family, our appearance on the screen, as well as the audio quality, will be nothing short of perfect. Forget about quality losses or annoying “pixelated” phenomena that could somehow compromise the success of the call / meeting.

Sales package

In the sales package we find the webcam (105 x 65 x 60 mm for 96g) a user instruction manual and the warranty. The chosen colors are black and gray, both opaque. On the front of the product we find the company logo e Live! Cam that lights up when the webcam is running. To protect privacy, Creative has well thought of equipping the device with a convenience carpet Rubber applicable in a simple and intuitive way on the target in such a way as to avoid that the user can be spied on without his knowledge by some malicious person.

Technical features

Image creation

  • Sensor technology: CMOS
  • 1920MP Full HD (1080 * 2) image sensor
  • Video Resolution: MJPG- 1080p 30fps / 720p 30fps YUY2- 1080p 5fps, 720p 10fps
  • Output format: YUY2 / MJPG
  • Frame Rate: Up to 30fps with 1080p quality
  • Image capture resolution: 1920 * 1080/1280 * 720/960 * 720/864 * 480/800 * 600/640 * 480/320 * 240
  • Image capture format: BMP / JPG
  • FOV: 77 ° diagonal
  • Focus range: 50mm to infinity. 600mm / 60cm for optimal focus
  • Maximum color depth: 8 bits
  • Flicker Control: 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Integrated dual omnidirectional microphone
  • USB 2.0
  • UVC Plug and Play compliant
  • Tripod mount capability: Yes

Il comfortable support allows you to clip the webcam to any screen. Before finding the right anchor, you need to waste some time. However, the fixing is firm, which will prevent the webcam from suddenly slipping and falling on the desk. The support also allows you to rotate the device to your liking up to 360 °. Finally, the usb 2.0 cable (Plug & Play) has a length of 1.5m, which offers the possibility to easily connect the webcam to one of the USB ports on the back of the PC or a smart TV.

The Live! Cam Sync 1080p, as already mentioned, is Plug & Play. Once connected to the USB-A port of the PC, it will not require the installation of additional drivers. Furthermore, it is compatible with most videoconferencing applications. spread as: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Messenge.


Il wide angle it is certainly the feature that we appreciated the most. In fact, in order to transmit our image in full, it was not necessary to sit far from the screen. There 77 ° diagonal allows you to comfortably acquire a group of people filmed in a Conference call, but avoiding that the group may appear too small or showing objects and scenarios that perhaps we would like to avoid that the interlocutor (s) see / see.

La resolution is excellent, therefore, there is no need to tinker with age-old adjustments to find the optimum light. Even in low light situations, the indirect light of the PC screen will be more than enough to ensure that our image always appears sharp and clearly visible to the other side. As for the quality of the two built-in microphones, it's good. Our voice, net of a slight muffled effect, feels good and is channeled without major problems.

Final comment

The product has an affordable price, let's talk about less than 50 €. If you are looking for a live Cam for streaming and / or video calls and you do not have great claims, we recommend the purchase. It is an absolutely respectable entry-level webcam that is well suited both to those who need a product to hold business and / or leisure meetings and calls but also to those who are beginners in streaming on Twitch and YouTube and want to a device of good workmanship and quality without having to spend a fortune.

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