Creative Stage V2, here is the new Creative soundbar for Home Cinema

Creative Technology announces Creative Stage V2, the successor of the beloved Creative Stage with interesting news. Equipped with the new Sound Blaster audio technology and with larger dimensions, it offers not only a more crystal clear sound, but also a wider surround system able to guarantee maximum performance and the best quality / price ratio.

With the new Clear Dialog technology, every syllable can be heard clearly without turning up the volume while every word is amplified without compromising environmental effects. Additionally, Surround technology creates a large soundstage to deliver the ultimate cinematic experience for those who want to stay comfortably at home. Featuring two custom mid-range drivers along with a powerful subwoofer, Creative Stage V2 can fill any room with bass so powerful that listeners are in the thick of the action.

Creative Stage V2 is also equipped with a wide range of connectivity options - TV ARC, optical, AUX, Bluetooth and even audio streaming via USB - making it a perfect audio entertainment system for different devices such as TVs, computers, smartphones and even console. In addition, the soundbar is conveniently operated with a remote control and it is possible to change input sources, adjust treble and bass and activate and deactivate Surround and Clear Dialog with the push of a button. With a sleek, minimalist design, Creative Stage V2 fits into any room and can be installed on the wall to deliver a truly immersive sound experience.

Price and availability

Creative Stage V2 will be available at the introductory price of € 109,99 on

For more information, visit

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