Cancellation of fixed telephone line to keep ADSL

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How to cancel a fixed telephone line to keep ADSL. Let's see how it is possible to have Internet without a telephone line and what are the Internet offers without a telephone.

Would you also like to know which offer is the cheapest? Below you will find not only the procedure to follow to cancel a fixed telephone line, but also what are the best offers of telephone operators on Internet plans without a fixed telephone line. Enjoy the reading.

How to cancel a telephone subscription

The termination of the fixed telephone line usually takes place by sending a registered letter or a certified e-mail to your telephone operator. The methods vary from operator to operator who, for more detailed information, provide an ad hoc customer service:

For TIM the telephone number is 187, for Vodafone 190, for Infostrada 155, for Tiscali 130, for fastweb 192193 XNUMX.

Decommissioning costs

To terminate a telephone contract, you must bear a secondment cost which is free only if you migrate to another telephone operator. If you have canceled a fixed line with TIM, the cost you incur is 35,18 euros for the ADSL line e 99 euros for the Fiber. Any penalties due to the interruption of users before the expiry of the contractual obligations could be added to the total cost. The advice is to arrive at the end of the constraint period.

I costs of the equipment provided by the provider and that if not returned are charged with penalties to the customer.

To pay nothing, you need to ask for the withdrawal without penalty if there have been any changes to the contractual conditions or exercise the right to reconsider which allows you to carry out the withdrawal within 14 days of signing.

THEAGCOM makes the MisuraInternet tool available to consumers to check the real performance of the service given by the operator and which can be used as proof of the poor quality of the service offered.

How to migrate to a new provider

If you decide to switch to a new telephone operator you will not have to make any cancellation, just contact the new one ISP and communicate the migration code. The new operator will take care of the rest. If you want to subscribe to one of the offers without a fixed line, all you have to do is go to one of the authorized points of sale or make requests to the operator via the Internet.

Register a new contract

In Spain it is not possible remove the fixed telephone line from the contract and leave only the data one. To have Internet without a telephone, it is necessary to terminate the contract with the current operator and subscribe to one of the offers without a fixed telephone. The following offers only ADSL without telephone:

  • Aeolus for example, it offers navigation without a fixed line and the possibility of subscribing to a new subscription even without having to wait for the old operator to leave. The cheapest plans are Aeolus Easy e Eolo Super.
  • Fastweb offers Internet without landline telephone with the tariff INTERNET with special promotions for Sky and Eni Gas and Light customers.

For other operators, ADSL or fiber optic offers can be considered which provide for the activation of a voice line but without fixed costs:

  • TIM offers two types of rates: TIM Connect Fibra Limited Edition, TIM Connect ADSL Limited Edition e Unlimited Internet.
  • wind offers the plan FIBER1000 e FIBRA1000 Unlimited
  • Vodafone offers the plan Unlimited internet.

If you want to have a comparison between the best Internet offers without voice line, I recommend that you take a look at SOSTariffe, where you can compare the offers of the providers.

On the site you will find the providers that provide ADSL plans without a telephone to compare by applying the filters that you will find in the left sidebar, and which are: Minimum Download Speed, Minimum Upload Speed, Monthly fee, Sim, Mobile and TV, Activation Modem and so on.

Recycle your old appliances

Switching to a new operator you may find devices such as routers, modems, landlines and so on that you no longer need. You could resell them and earn a few euros. Like? You could try with, ebay or Marketplace of Facebook. If they are too old you can try to dispose of them in the collection centers WEEE. On you can find the nearest collection center.

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