Best Instagram photo apps

Best Instagram photo apps. By installing third-party apps on your smartphone, you can perfectly process photos and videos to post on Instagram. Let's see which are the most interesting.

If you are looking for apps to create truly unique images for your Instagram account, get comfortable and keep reading because in addition to finding Instagram photo effects apps, you will have the best photo editing apps for Instagram.

Best Instagram photo apps

Many are the Instagram filters applied daily by influencers in their photos. The effects photo they are important if you want to apply a valid and effective communication strategy. That's why if you want to increase your followers and want to put professional photos online, you absolutely must rely on the best Instagram apps for Android and iOS mobile devices to create your Instagram Stories too.

Let's see what are the best photo utilities for Instagram.

FaceTune (Android, iOS)

Facetune allows you to edit your selfies by correcting skin defects, whitening your teeth and even changing the shape of your face and eyes. True Instagram beauty filter, to try if you want to have a star face. Available on: iOS and Android.

Snapseed (Android, iOS)

SnapSeed in addition to taking pictures, it also allows you to edit them like a real photo editor. It has a lot of filters and allows you to add text to images by choosing from several preset styles. You can fix red eyes, add frames and borders, remove elements. Particular the effect of multiple exposures to make your images unique. Available on: iOS and Android.

VSCO (Android, iOS)

VSCO is a great Instagram photo app that allows you to quickly take pictures by tapping anywhere on the screen. Its strength are 6 particular filter presets and 15 recording tools. Available on: iOS and Android.

Tiny Planet Photos and Video (Android, iOS)

Tiny Planet it is truly a special app that allows you to turn your photos into little planets. You will see rounded images and you can capture panoramas to turn into planets. Available on: IOS.

Enlight (iOS)

Enlight is the Photoshop of iPhones. Transform photos with stunning professional quality thanks to the many special filters available. If you are a photography enthusiast, you can't not have this app on your smartphone. If you learn how to use it in the right way you can create real masterpieces. Available on paid IOS.

Quick — add text to photos fast (iOS)

Quick is a good app to add text to your Instagram photos. It is perfect for superimposing different fonts on photos that you want to organize, sell, buy or share something with. Available on: iOS.

Lapse IT (Android, iOS)

Lapse IT is a must have app for those who want to make time lapse or stop motion videos. Available on: iOS and Android.

inShot Editor Video (Android, iOS)

If you like to edit videos or add special effects Inshot Editor Video it is ideal.You can also add colored or blurred borders. It is definitely the best video and photo editing on Instagram. Available on: iOS and Android.

Legend (IOS)

Legend allows you to turn texts into animations to share with your friends on the social network. Available on: iOS.

Repost for Instagram (Android)

Repost for Instagram allows you to publish photos shared by other accounts in your profile while maintaining the owner's original credits. Available on: Android.

PicFrame (Android, iOS)

PicFrame is an iOS app that can organize your photos like a mosaic. It is perfect for making real collages of your Instagram photos. Available on: IOS and Android.

Perfect 365 (Android, iOS)

Thanks to the free app Perfect365 you can improve the points in the photos. The app is able to analyze the uploaded image and recognize the portrait face that you can subsequently retouch in every detail. There are many predefined makeup models available with the possibility of customizing them according to your style. With Perfect365 you can eliminate imperfections, erase dark circles, soften the skin, whiten your teeth and much more. Available on: IOS and Android.

Layout from Instagram (Android, iOS)

Layout from Instagram allows you to create photo collages of different shapes and structures, also uploading the images from the Gallery of your mobile. It can also be downloaded from Instagram during the photo creation process. Available on: iOS and Android.

BLACK – B&W Film Emulator (iOS)

BLACK – B&W Film Emulator is one of the best Instagram apps, available only for iOS, which allows you to create photos with black and white effects. Have fun managing the various shades in black and white and find the best Instagram photo effect.

Aviary Photo Editor (Android, iOS)

Aviary Photo Editor is one of the best Instagram photo apps to give photo effects and color correctors. Thanks to this app you can add frames, stickers, overlays and much more to your photos. Available on: IOS and Android.

Afterlight (Android)

Afterlight is an app that features tons of vintage effects to give your images a more vintage spirit. The filters are all adjustable and can be used in pairs with other super powerful tools. Available on: Android.

Slow Shutter Cam (iOS)

Slow Shutter Cam is an absolutely must-download iPhone app if you want to edit Instagram photos. It allows you to capture slow shutter speed effects for DSLR-like effects. You will get photos with truly unique curves and speed effects. Available on: IOS.

Cross Process (iOS)

Cross Process offers more than 70 filters by adding contrast and color to your photos. Transform your shots by mimicking the effects of old Polaroid cameras. Available on: IOS.

A Color Story (Android, iOS)

A Color Story presents fresh and bright photos with over 100 filters, 40 effects and 20 free tools. There is no shortage of custom filters. Available on: IOS and Android.

Average Camera Pro (Android, iOS)

Average Camera Pro is the app that automatically creates full resolution HDR images with just one tap on your mobile. It manages to increase image brightness and sharpness. Also worth trying in low light situations. Available on: IOS.

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