Best app to check car license plate

Best app to check car license plate. Here is a detailed guide on how to trace the license plate from the tax code directly from your mobile device.

There are free apps for smartphones and tablets with an Android or iOS operating system that allow you to trace the owner of a vehicle, check insurance and find out information about its license plate, insurance company and even the expiry date.

Do you want to know if a car is stolen? Quiet with the services and apps indicated in this article, you will not only be able to get information on who owns a vehicle, with free license plate inspection, but also vehicle license plate, make and model, registration date, class, horsepower, displacement, if any insured and so on.

Best app to check car license plate

The apps below do not allow you to trace the owner of the vehicle to have a way of knowing who a car or motorbike is actually registered to, you will need to make use of the paid services offered by ACI or Sevim.

THEAutomobile Club manages the Public vehicle registration (PRA), in which the registrations, transcriptions and annotations relating to motor vehicles, motor vehicles and trailers are made, as "registered movable property" according to the rules laid down by the civil code.

Anyone interested can obtain data and information regarding any vehicle by indicating on the site the license plate vehicle for immediate scanning and without having to make any registration. To get information online, you will have to pay the price of about 9 euros (6 euros + 2,32 + 22% VAT) through the electronic payment system "paymentPA“, Which provides for electronic payment to public administrations with the choice of a Payment Service Provider (banks or other credit institutions).

You will need to enter your personal data in Data of the applicant and in Vehicle data the license plate of the vehicle for which you want to know the information.

find out free information about a specific car or motorcycle, regarding the insurance or if it has been stolen, you can use the best app to check car license plate below. Below all valid for both Android and iPhone smartphones.

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Infotarga (Android)

Infotate is one of the best apps, available for Android, for vehicle license plate control and insurance. It allows you to check starting from a license plate number if there are any reports of theft for cars, motorcycles, mopeds and trucks. It also checks the insurance status by searching by dictating the license plate vocally. All searches will be saved on your phone and you can filter them based on specific parameters (uninsured cars, stolen cars, etc.).

Infotarga's interface is truly user-friendly and easy to use. After downloading it, you can decide whether to use the free version with advertisements or the Premium version by simply clicking on Remove immediately announcements. Then enter in the field Plate the license plate of the vehicle you want to check and yet dictate it by pressing on the microphone.

Select the vehicle category, among Car, Motorcycle, Bus e Moped, and wait for the search to complete. At the end you will immediately see the data on the insurance. If, on the other hand, you want to have information on theft, revision and stamp duty, you will need to enter a verification code.

Vehicle Scanner (Android, iOS)

Vehicle Scanner is an app compatible with all Android and iOS mobile devices. In addition to vehicle control, you are a rule with the insurance, it allows you to report the insurance company and the expiry date of the insurance.

You can also check if the owner of the vehicle has paid the road tax, if he has carried out the inspection and even if he has suffered complaints. To use Scanner vehicles all you have to do is download the app and install it on your mobile device. At the end of the installation start it and in the text field License plate / frame, enter the license plate or chassis number of the vehicle you are looking for. Select the searches enabled among RCA, revision, Bun e Complaints and his bottone award Search. Click for your Details to view the scan results.

The app provides, in addition to the license plate control, also the possibility to carry out one Company registration ACI car license plate. By checking the homonymous item you can make free searches by logging in with the ACI credentials. Log in using your ACI credentials and you will be able to log in for 30 days.

iTarga (iOS)

load is an app for iPhone and iPad which, through the search for license plates, allows you to know all the information regarding a specific vehicle by checking the vehicle insurance coverage, calculating the tax, checking the car license plate, verifying complaints in progress and revisions carried out.

After downloading and installing it, start it and enter the registration number of the vehicle to be checked in the field of the same name.

Immediately after, choose the type of vehicle: car, motorbike or truck and press the button Verifica. On the next screen you will see the information detected by the app on insurance, road tax and much more. The app is free but is also available in a paid Pro version with extra functions.

With iTarga Pro you can not only carry out a license plate check, but also know the owner of the vehicle with all the necessary information: Name, Surname, Gender, Place of Birth, Date of Birth and Age of the Owner.

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Other ways to check license plate for free

Another valid solution for a license plate search, and to discover all the details on the vehicle of interest, is through the website of theInland Revenue.

Through the service for calculating the tax, it is possible to enter the type of vehicle and indicating the license plate number and pressing Calculate, after entering the security code, obtain all the information regarding the vehicle, such as registration date, engine capacity, any penalties and so on.

The service offered is valid from Monday to Sunday and only concerns some regions, which are:

For all other regions, such as Calabria, the payment of the car tax can be made through the PagoPa payment system at post offices, Aci delegations, territorial offices, authorized car practice agencies and apps such as Satispay.

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