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Where to find the Monsieur Cuisine Connect Kitchen Robot to buy online. A guide on how to buy the Lidl kitchen robot manufactured by Silvercrest.

Mr. Connect Kitchen has finally launched on the German market. The Lidl multifunction robot, is the big brother of the well-known Monsieur Cuisine Plus, for years the cheap alternative to Thermomix.

Unfortunately, the Lidl site does not allow the purchase of the product for those living in Spain. However, there is a procedure to follow, already seen in our article on where to find the Monsier Cuisine Plus food processor, that will allow you to purchase the Monsieur Cuisine Connect. Let's see what it is.

Preliminary information

MC Connect is the ultra-modern version of the Plus. It features Wi-Fi connection, a 7-inch touch screen and the CookingPilot function.

This device encompasses the function of several kitchen appliances offering greater convenience with theWi-Fi interface and access to hundreds of recipes online. The CookingPilot function will guide you step by step on the new screen for the preparation of the recipe you have selected.

When preparing your favorite recipes, you can use three automatic programs for kneading, steaming and browning. Also for kneading or mixing you can count on clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

Technical features

  • Touch screendisplay from 7 inches to set: times, speed, temperature and display of cooking temperatures.
  • 99 minutes timer.
  • Three automatic programs: kneading, steaming, browning.
  • 10 speed levels and turbo function
  • Left-hand rotation for mixing risottos, soups and more.
  • Clockwiserotation for shredding.
  • CookingPilot with over 200 pre-installed recipes.
  • Online recipe database.
  • Recipe app with shopping list and favorites function.

Other accessories include:

  • stainless steeljug with a capacity of 3 liters and a capacity of 4.5 liters, with lid and insert hole.
  • Cookingbasket.
  • One steameraccessory.

For more information about technical specifications, cookbook and questions when using the device, visit this page.

What is the Price of the Monsieur Cuisine Plus Kitchen Robot at Lidle?

The Monsieur Cuisine Connect is a food processor manufactured by the German company Silvercrest and sold in Italy in Lidl supermarkets at a price of 349 euros (last price March 2022, you have to check the offers in the Lidl brochure).

How to buy Monsieur Cuisine Connect in stores

It is possible to buy the MC Connect kitchen robot on Amazon, if available, at a much higher price, or in the outlets of the Lidl Chain. Usually, the availability of the product in Lidl stores is for a limited period of time. The advice is to keep an eye on the Lidl Facebook Page or the Lidlwebsite.

How to buy the monsieur cuisine Connect Kitchen Robot from Amazon.

Currently, the first related words on Google if you type "Lidl kitchen robot" or "Monsieur Cuisine" are "price and Amazon". Although we have known its price for some time (currently 349 euros), one of the novelties is that it is sold on one of the most popular online shopping platforms, Amazon. Until now, you had to wait for the device to go on sale in stores or go through a dangerous procedure on Lidl's German website, but now you can also find it on the American shopping giant. Above are some direct links. Note that parts are not always available, and you should always check to see if the price is reasonable relative to the price in stores.

Come buy Monsieur Cuisine Connect online

The only solution to buy Monsieur Cusine Connect online is from the German site Monsieur Cousine.com, when available. But if you don't want to wait, there is a method a bit complex, but worth a try.

Lidl.de unfortunately, does not ship their products purchased online in, the solution is to find a person living in Germany who can buy the food processor for you or have it delivered to a German Courier. The steps to follow are as follows.

1. First you must register on the mailboxde.com site, using Google Translate for translation. After registration, you will receive an address where the package can be sent and a personal identification.

2. Register on the Lidl.de website and purchase Monsieur Cuisine Connect on this page. Enter the shipping address sent by Mailbox, while in the billing address specify your personal address, useful for the warranty.

3. Finally, please note that you will have to pay the shipping to Mailbox (paypal or credit card), which will send the package as soon as it has received the credit. The courier that will deliver the latest generation Lidl robot should be UPS.

4. At the time of delivery cookbook will be in German. Please contact Lidl customer service by writing an e-mail and sending the purchase invoice to order the cookbook in no German.

Difference between Monsieur Cuisine Connect and Monsieur Cuisine Plus.

MC Connect is a much more modern model with a more attractive design than the previous MC Plus model. The differences, although not relevant for cooking enthusiasts, are as follows:

  • MC Connect timer reaches 99 minutes, MC Plus 90 minutes.
  • The MC Plus jug is 2.2 liters, while the new model is 3 liters.
  • The new model has a touch screen, Wi-Fi connection and CookingPilot.
  • The bile in the MC plus is in the device while in the Connect it is directly in the carafe.
  • The price of the MC Connect is much higher: €399 compared to €229 for the previous model.

The accessories supplied, the motor power, the revolutions per minute and the available temperature range remain the same.

Difference between Monsieur Cuisine Connect and Bimby

In addition to the price, there are significant differences between Thermomix and MC Connect. Let's see what they are:

  • The MC Connect scale has an accuracy of 5 gr, while the Thermomix 1 gr.
  • The Thermomix reaches a temperature of 120 ° with the possibility of reaching 160 ° in some preparations, MC Connect instead reaches 130 °.
  • In the Thermomix we find functions for cleaning blades and jug, not present in the MC Connect.
  • With the Thermomix you have more recipes available that however require an annual subscription at a cost of 36 euros. MC Connect offers free recipes.
  • In the Thermomix you can cook under vacuum and at low temperature.
  • The Thermomix motor is 1500W and is more powerful than MC Connect.
  • The Thermomix is less noisy and smaller than the MC Connect.
  • The MC Connect warranty is 3 years, while the Thermomix warranty is 2 years.

How to use Thermomix Recipes in Monsieur Cuisine Connect and Plus

For the uninitiated, you can use Thermomix recipes in MC Connect and MC Plus, simply set up your food processor as in Thermomix, here's how to do it.

  • Thermomix Soft Speed> is obtained by setting Reverse, Butterfly and Speed 1.
  • Funzione Varoma of the Thermomix> Smoking or 120 ° more speed.
  • Funzione Ear of the Thermomix> Dough function.
  • Counterclockwise in the Thermomix> Reverse in MC Connect.
  • Frying in Thermomix> Brown in MC Connect.

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