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To make sure that your smartphone Android, as well asiPhone, functions as a Wi-Fi router, you have to go to the Settings e Other Settingsselect Tethering e Router Wi-Fi (Share the mobile data connection of the USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device), click Wi-Fi Router to activate the Wi-Fi router function and access the Configuration environment by clicking on Configure.

In SSID of network enter the name to be given to the device on the Wi-Fi network 

In Safety choose the item: WPA2 PSK

In Password choose a strong password to protect the Wi-Fi connection



Save it all.

From now on, your smartphone will function as a Wi-Fi router.

It should be considered that this type of connection will bring considerable battery consumption of your smartphone as the data connection and the wifi connection will both be active.

The Android version indicated is that Jelly Bean 4.1.2, in the other Android versions some steps may change but in any case you shouldn't find it difficult to complete everything.

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