Trust presents the new Rudox GXT 259 professional microphone

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Professional microphone, anti-glare filter and maximum connectivity for studio-grade acoustic quality

Trust, a leading company in the sector of quality digital accessories, expands its range of latest generation microphones with the new one GXT 259 Rudox, new top-of-the-range recording station, consisting of professional microphone e anti-reflections filter, for optimal performance in any context of use.

Whether you want to record a new podcast, music track, or stream a live game session, the microphone GXT 259 Rudox it is able to capture every nuance of sound with maximum acoustic performance.

Composed of a professional microphone and a screen made with anti-glare panels, the station has been designed to offer high recording performances in the most varied occasions of use, from streaming to podcasting, to group interviews passing through musical sessions. Thanks to the presence of the cardioid pattern, the anti-reflections screen and thetake the exit (uscita) a zero latencyin fact, the Rudox GXT 259 microphone offers everything you need to immediately start recording with professional studio quality.

Professional acoustic and construction quality

The Rudox GXT 259 microphone has been designed to deliver excellent sound quality, in any context. Designed starting from a durable metal frame, the microphone has been equipped with a type stand Shock-mount, able to guarantee high stability, as well as the grid supporting the anti-reflective screen. The microphone, then, was made with a cardioid pattern which, in synergy with the anti-reflection filter and the pop filter, delivers immersive, rich and clear sound, free from any noise. Finally, the zero latency monitoring allows you to listen to the recorded audio in real time, without delays.

Anti-glare filter for a complete workstation

The GXT 259 Rudox has been designed to offer a complete and professional experience during the recording phase, able to restore the feeling of professional studios.

Thanks to the presence of the anti-glare filter, composed of sound absorbing panels supported by a resistant metal structure, it is possible to make recordings with a sound performance able to replicate that of professional studios. The panels can then be adjusted as desired, as the rest of the unit rests firmly on the metal base with cushioned support integrated.

Maximum connectivity and personalization

The Rudox GXT 259 microphone has been designed not only to offer an excellent experience in terms of audio capture, but also in the user experience. The microphone, in fact, thanks to the USB connection, captures the audio in digital format. Recording does not require any kind of mixer, just connect the microphone directly to your PC or laptop to start recording.

The monitoring of the voice, then, is facilitated by the presence of the integrated headphone jack, equipped with audio monitoring a zero latency which, combined with the mute and mix control buttons, guarantees full control of your recording sessions, like in a real studio.

Prices and availability The new Trust Gaming GXT 259 Rudox microphone is available at the best physical retailers and on the Amazon Trust webshop at a recommended price of € 189,00.

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