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Along with monsters, weapons are a pivotal element in Monster Hunter World, but to master them to the fullest and exploit the full potential of each being you need dedication and commitment. In this article we will guide you through the best weapons in the game and we will show you which ones are the most suitable for taking down every creature, small or large.

There are 14 types of weapons in Monster Hunter World, each of which has different characteristics and functions in battle. Important note: always remember to upgrade them as soon as you have the chance, as a basic weapon becomes practically ineffective in a short time, especially against the strongest monsters.

If you still don't know Monster Hunter but are interested, HERE you can find our introductory guide.


The Bow is your standard ranged weapon in Monster Hunter World, and while it may be weak at first, it's actually one of the best of its kind. You can hold down the left trigger to aim at a specific point on a monster or press Circle / B three times without aiming to unleash a volley of arrows, followed by a third attack that rains gravel from the sky and constantly damages monsters in the air. within that area.

You can also press Triangle + Circle / Y + B, whether you're aiming or not, to charge a powerful explosive arrow for a few seconds. Throwing it will inflict massive damage on monsters and potentially stun them if you land a headshot.

Great for hunting: Everything. There is no particular enemy against which we recommend using the Bow. It is a quick, versatile weapon that allows it to inflict damage from both long and short range given its move set.

Light Crossbow

Cousin of the Heavy Crossbow, this small but efficient weapon allows hunters to easily escape the clutches of monsters before unloading a barrage of shots at them.

The Light Crossbow is very reliable even against the most powerful creatures of Monster Hunter World, especially when you are about to face an enemy along with only one friend.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Anjanath, Tobi-Kadachi, Radobaan. Since this weapon is fast and light, it can be used continuously on the move and allows you to quickly avoid attacks while shooting.

Heavy Crossbow

While the Heavy Crossbow may initially look like a ranged rifle spear, it actually does not have a shield or effective close range attack, so you are basically forced to keep away from your target at all times when taking up this weapon.

Remember that you can equip some special ammo while in combat, including projectiles that can temporarily paralyze monsters.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Anjanath, Radobaan, Paolumu, Rathian. Since the Heavy Crossbow must be used from long range, it is effective for taking down a variety of monsters without risking too much, including flying creatures like the Paolumu and Rathian.

Hunting horn

The Hunting Horn works best if you have at least one other player by your side, as it is primarily a sidearm. In addition to hitting mid-range hits, it can also be used to buff mates with melodies.

In addition, it is capable of increasing Guide Insect abilities to search for nearby objects. As can be deduced, therefore, its maximum usefulness is shown in cooperative games.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Radobaan, Rathian. If you intend to use the horn during your solo hunts, it is best to equip it against slower and weaker monsters given the decent damage.

Double Blades

Double Blades are the fastest type of weapon in Monster Hunter World, as they allow you to unleash quick bursts of attacks, move nimbly across the battlefield and dodge the moves of any monster you find yourself against.

These blades don't have any special transformations like other weapons, but they are capable of making special charged attacks if you can chain enough without being hit.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Anjanath. The mobility of the Double Blades is almost certainly the strong point of this weapon, therefore staying too long in a fighting point would not allow it to be fully exploited. Instead, unleash a few quick attacks on the monsters' heads and legs, then back off, wait for their attack and return to the rescue.

Insect Falchion

The Insect Glaive might be one of the hardest weapons to master in Monster Hunter World, but it is also one of the most devastating available as you can use the glaive to propel monsters over it and rain attacks from everywhere.

The weapon also has the bonus of a Kinsetto, which can be deployed in battle to obtain extract from monsters to temporarily enhance the glaive.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Anjanath, Tobi-Kadachi, Radobaan. Since the Insect Glaive is an agile weapon, you can use it against almost any monster in the game and it works well to counter the Tobi-Kadachi, which is able to move quickly across the battlefield.


The Spear is one of the most conventional weapons in Monster Hunter World, capable of hitting enemies from a decent distance and accompanied by a shield that allows you to parry most of the attacks of the monsters.

The shield is particularly useful in close combat, as you can keep moving while maintaining the defensive position without having to dodge.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Anjanath, Tobi-Kadachi, Rathian, Rathalos. The Spear is very good against most of the creatures in the game, as it boasts a good range and the shield offers that extra protection that is lacking in other weapons.

Launch Rifle

First of all, the Rifle Lance has the particularity of being both a shooting and close-range weapon, therefore it easily adapts to any type of combat. Then add a shield and you will realize the high versatility of this jewel that contains three functions in a single "body".

Basically it is the right weapon for those who do not intend to specialize in a specific fighting style but who prefer different approaches.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Anjanath, Radobaan, Rathian. As mentioned, the Rifle Lance is very versatile, so it is effective against various monsters. In particular, the shield allows you to parry the ferocious attacks of monsters such as the Anjanath, while using it as a rifle can help you destroy the Radobaan and similar creatures more easily.


The Hammer is a devastating weapon against even the toughest monsters, as it allows you to deliver charged hits and has the ability to stun the enemy if you manage to land a headshot. Keep in mind, however, that such power also involves more limited movement by the character, especially with more powerful attacks that take a few moments to execute.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Anjanath, Rathian. To take advantage of the Hammer in the best way, you must use it in battles against monsters that tend to stay still in one place for a while, in order to have time to charge and chain different attacks. One tip is to equip your Palico with a good weapon, so that it can occasionally distract the enemy and give you a chance to land safe shots.


The Switch Ax is a cousin of the charged version, with the difference that it does not have a shield and both weapons are held with two hands. With the Sword Ax it is possible to launch attacks from a greater distance and, moreover, charging it without being hit allows you to unleash a powerful attack capable of stuning any monster with confidence.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Anjanath, Tobi-Kadachi, Ratholos. The Sword-Ax is well suited against all types of creatures thanks to the ability to swap two weapons, thus allowing you to adopt two different styles of close range combat.

Charged Switch Ax

Very similar to its "standard version", but the two weapons available are a one-handed sword flanked by a shield and a large ax. The energy stored inside the smaller weapon, moreover, can be released through the ax to inflict considerable damage on enemies.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Anjanath, Radobaan. Generally speaking, the Charged Switch Ax is more effective against monsters with less mobility and definitely not a good choice against those that can fly. With this weapon, we recommend hitting their heads to stun them or cutting their tails for extra rewards.

Sword and Shield

They will also be the most basic weapons in the game, but don't assume that the classic sword and shield combination is too trivial to use. Whether they are slow or fast monsters, in fact, you will have the right balance between protection and dodging skills as well as being able to unleash quick attacks. That we can then prefer a more flashy and powerful weapon is another matter, but this combination is perfect to start and can prove to be very good even in the advanced stages of the adventure.

Great for hunting: Almost anything. Undoubtedly, you will not go wrong with the sword / shield equipment and you will be able to get by in most situations.

Long Sword

The Longsword is one of the most agile weapons in the arsenal offered by Monster Hunter World, as it allows players to unleash some quick attacks while maintaining a decent distance from enemies thanks to the length of the blade, thus avoiding receiving too much damage.

The Longsword also has the ability of the Spirit Blade, which effectively upgrades the weapon for a short period of time. If used at the right time, then, this sword is able to inflict massive damage in quick succession without requiring too much stamina from the character.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Anjanath, Tobi-Kadachi, Rathian. The Long Sword can brilliantly adapt to any type of monster, be it slow, fast or able to fly, therefore it boasts a good versatility in battle.


The Greatsword, probably, is the slowest weapon in Monster Hunter World, so you have to use it with some respect against the monsters that await you in the game world. You can't even unleash a series of quick attacks as it can't be turned into a smaller weapon, so if you get cornered and decide to free yourself by chaining a few slashes you won't get the desired result.

Following this, we recommend using the Greatsword only in open environments and against monsters with slow attacks or if you are in the company of a friend who can draw the enemy's attention to him, in order to give you the possibility to move and attack. properly.

Great for hunting: Great Jagras, Anjanath, Rathian. The Greatsword works best against enemies that cannot fly, and while the Rathian may seem like an exception, it actually spends a lot of time fighting on the ground, so you'll be able to target it sufficiently.

The best weapons of Monster Hunter World

Having made this explanatory list of the various types of weapons present in the game, the question you may have asked yourself is: "Yes, all very nice, but which is actually the strongest?"

We strongly recommend that you start the adventure with the Double Blades, which boast excellent speed and don't sacrifice too much damage, especially if you go into Demon Mode by pressing the right trigger. Later, however, a good choice can be the Insect glaive. First of all, head to the blacksmith and make sure you have upgraded all the Kinsets in your inventory, then free them in battle by pressing the left trigger plus Triangle / Y. This weapon is certainly the most agile in the game, but it is also the most difficult to master in the best way.

In addition to the Insect Falcione and the Double Blades, another valid option is the Launch Rifle. This heavy weapon is capable of firing shots from a distance as well as allowing you to unleash excellent close-range attacks, so it is certainly one of the best equipped weapons in Monster Hunter World and with which you can face all monsters without problems.

The best weapons to use in co-op

If, on the other hand, you prefer to go hunting in the company of friends, the choice of weapons must be a little more thoughtful in order to make the most of their usefulness in a group. Based on how many players will accompany you on the adventure, we have divided the types of weapons to use.

Team of two - If it's just you and your partner in a thousand video game adventures, we recommend that one of you choose a slow but powerful weapon such as the Switch Ax or the Loaded Switch Ax, while the other player stands in the back and attacks from a distance with the Bow or a Crossbow.

Team of three - In the company of two other friends, the matter gets a little more tactical and it's a good idea to equip two players with melee weapons, while the third takes care of inflicting sustained damage from a distance. Note that, in this case, hunters who face monsters up close must not use slow weapons such as the Sword-Ax and the Charged Sword-Ax, but must prefer, for example, the Long Sword or the Insect Glaive, which combine a good speed at a good safety distance from the enemies.

Team of four - With the maximum number of players in a group, there are several combinations you can experiment with on the pitch. In any case, we advise you to have two players assigned to melee attacks, another employed to shoot shots from a distance and the last one equipped with the Hunting Horn, which as we have said is an excellent support weapon. Also make sure the horn is "prepared" with some elemental damage like poison or fire and your team won't have too much trouble taking down even the toughest monsters.

How to unlock high rank weapons in Monster Hunter World

Like most players, you're sure to be aiming to fully upgrade one or more weapons, but you've found that many items required to forge the best upgrades are marked "???", so you don't know what they actually are.

To unlock these upgrades and discover the materials you need to forge them, you must first eliminate the Pink Rathian, possible after unlocking the Expeditions and the high-grade quests by continuing in the main story.

Only after gaining access to the 7 and 8-star missions by defeating the Pink Rathian will you be able to make significant progress regarding the best weapon upgrades in Monster Hunter World. The road to unlocking them is quite long, but we guarantee that your great efforts will pay off.

Well, we've come to the end of this long Monster Hunter World weapon guide. Hoping that it will be useful especially for beginners, we wish you good hunting!


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