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If you have already tried to Google the terms "streaming matches", "streaming football" or "live football streaming" without obtaining the desired results, then you should rely on this article where you will find the best sites to watch the games football live streaming for free .

There are now many free streaming football services (in the past there was Justin TV) that make it possible to enjoy Serie A streaming matches, Spanish Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League, Europa League, foreign leagues or friendly matches. summer.

In addition to the services offered in HD by: Sky and DAZN that ask real fans significant costs, today it is possible to watch the games through the best football streaming sites.


There are two scenarios to consider for live Serie A streaming: in the first, streaming of the broadcasts is illegal , in the second, however, it is legal because the free games are regularly broadcast via the internet from abroad , but in this case we will have to be content to listen a comment in a foreign language, often Chinese or Spanish .

Unfortunately the quality is not always high, and the speed and the high number of advertising banners with timer, greatly annoy the streaming vision of the football match. Despite everything, there are many users on the Internet who are constantly looking for these sites which, with the exclusive competition between the two giants Sky and DAZN to the detriment of users, allow them to still see the game they are interested in.

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Do you want to follow the live football streaming of your favorite team? Below you can find the Sky football streaming, Premium sport streaming and DAZN matches with constantly updated links.

We remind you that the indications given are for informational purposes only, we do not assume any responsibility if the live streaming game sites violate regulations or if their banners contain blocking or vulgar elements. This is why by using these sites you commit a crime and you risk a lot.

Direct red

Direct red is one of the best live football sites ever. This platform is very famous not only because it is historical but also because it offers up-to-date information on all sporting events including football in streaming. It is a sort of real-time directory that contains complete information on online matches, on the schedules of all the best sports in the world. To discover the available events, all you have to do is scroll up or down and select the match you are interested in.

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Sport 365 is a complete website to see all your favorite sports live: find tennis, rugby, basketball, F1, boxing, hockey and football matches live streaming. Each game is offered in several foreign channels and in different resolutions and sources. The commentaries are in English, Russian, French, Spanish, Hungarian, but the resolution for some meetings is in HD.

You do not need to login or enter personal information to browse the website. Just go to the Sport365 website, find your favorite sports channel and enjoy all its functions without any restrictions or blocks. Sport365 is an alternative to Atdhe and in addition it also offers services and features that make it one of the best free football streaming sites.

calcioga is the best site for free live streaming online football matches. If you want to see live streaming matches, just select it from the many offers on the portal. All matches are free and above all live. Serie A, Couple Italy, Uefa Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores and foreign leagues are all clear.

WiGiLive is a site for live football matches with commentary in Italian. Already on the home page you will find access to the Champions League, Premier League, Serie A, Europa League, Spanish Liga and even, for lovers of the Argentine league, the Copa Liberatadores. Offers live streaming matches for free and in HD.


socceron is a platform to enjoy live online football streaming. If you are a fan, surely you have heard of socceron . It is one of the best free football streaming sites that offer free live leagues from all over the world and are not usually broadcast on the public network. It is a valid alternative to other portals, such as  ronaldoxnumx , Direct red , , blocked several times .

Adthe TV

Atdhe TV is a totally free online streaming service with live sports. There are no limitations in using Adthe, you can watch live football for free on different channels around the world and focus on any type of sport including streaming matches. The interface is really easy to use with the whole list of meetings of the day sorted by time.


SportLemon football allows lovers of sport, and especially of football streaming ita, to watch live matches online for free. It is the best site to follow your favorite team in live matches in the Europa League or Champions League. Vaguely reminiscent of Justin tv football .

FirstROW Sports

FirstRows is one of the best free football streaming sites to enjoy all live sport without having to set up DNS on a computer. You can watch the games live thanks to an easy-to-use interface even for those who are not computer experts. Find all the events and matches, including those of Serie A streaming, with dates on the front page.


  3. SportCategory
  7. StopStream
  10. ArenaVision
  12. LiveLooker
  14. jokerlivestream
  18. StrikeOut
  19. Fuelmatch 
  21. VipsportsLive


Often free football streaming takes place in Flash directly on the web page with not always high quality, but through software such as SopCast , a platform for the distribution of television broadcasts that uses P2P networks , it is possible to find high quality streaming, even if you have to wait. a while so that, at the beginning, the program retrieves the video stream of the various nodes.

To use it on mobile devices, such as Android, you need to install it manually by downloading the apk file of the SopCast football app and copy it to the device memory by first going to Settings> Security to enable the option to install the app from Unknown origin . Then with a Fillet Manager you can go to the folder where the .apk file was copied, and by clicking on it you can install it. At this point, just click on the SopCast app to start it on the mobile device.

As an alternative to SopCast puoi provare AceStream, PPStream, StreamTorrent, TVAnts.

Live streaming games can also be watched on Kodi , a cross-platform application compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Among his best addons to watch the games must certainly be mentioned: SpportsDevil and P2P Sports. If you want to receive more information on what to do, then read my tutorials dedicated to: The best Italian Kodi Addons and The best free IPTV Italy lists to enjoy football on Smart TV.


Since there are many portals that close or open all the time for you to watch live football matches, it is advisable to use a good VPN service. By doing this you will not only protect your privacy, but you will be able to overcome regional blocks and operator filters.

In this regard, I suggest you read the article on the Best VPNs for Italy.


In case you are not familiar with VPNs, you can try setting up Google's DNS on your PC. In case of difficulty I suggest you download Dns Jumper, change the configuration of your DNS with a simple click.

Here are the best DNS to try right now

  • Primary DNS /¬†
  • CloudFlare DNS: /
  • OpenDNS: /


Here is a list of what to do when accessing a pirate site for Live TV football.

  • Make sure you have an installed and up-to-date antivirus and anti-malware.
  • Avoid downloading files or whatever is offered to you when you access sites with live Serie A.
  • Immediately close any windows that open when you open a pirate site to watch games.
  • Download and install an Adblock on your browser.
  • Make sure you always have the browser you use updated.
  • Always click on¬†Block¬†when asked to turn on¬†Notifications¬†.
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