Super Mario Sunshine, how to get sunglasses

There is too much sun in Delfinia!

As you well know, inside Super Mario 3D All-Stars in addition to Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy, we can find Super Mario Sunshine, the divisive chapter released in 2002 on GameCube.

The title, for those who have never played it, follows the events of the chapter released on the Nintendo 64 and sees our heroic plumber go on vacation, but as usual, if Mario doesn't look for trouble, it's the latter who find him.

Once you arrive on Delfinia Island, the Princess Peach, Master Toad e Mario, they discover that a Mario-like dude is smearing the island and making the Only Keepers. These guardian entities are meant to illuminate and protect the entire island.

It will be the purpose of our dear plumber to clean up the city and recover the Sun Keepers scattered around the game world, finally bringing back to normal.

During your wanderings around the worlds, you will find that one Palmense in particular is equipped with sunglasses. If you talk to this character, he will tell you that to get the glasses you will have to spend more time in Delfinia (a city full of secrets that mainly serves as a hub).

For all intents and purposes, the NPC's claim is unclear, so what steps to take to get this particular item? Let's find out together!

To be able to wander around the game world with a cool look you will have to collect 30 Guardian Suns, no matter how you get them, in fact, you can even collect them through Blue Coins (10 coins are needed for a Guardian Sun).

Once done, go again to the Palmense in question, you can find it in every world or under an umbrella in Delfinia (near the fruit stands), and after talking to us, he will consider you "worthy" to wear sunglasses. Easy, right?

What am I doing now?

At this point, however, you will want to know what the effects of this item are. The answer is even simpler, they do nothing, they just reduce the brightness of the game. But we have to admit that those glasses look just fine on our plumber.

Let us know in the comments if you are already playing Super Mario Sunshine and if the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection, despite the criticism, is enjoying you.

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