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    Nokia Kinetic: the flexible smartphone

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    Nokia Kinetic is the prototype of one flexible smartphone. What is flexible is basically the screen, a display OLED made using "nanotubes“, Carbon structures highly resistant to bending and inserted inside a shell of elastomers.

    The most interesting aspect is not so much linked to the characteristics of the screen, as to the fact that Nokia has managed to create a 'interface able to take advantage of this flexibility.

    By twisting and flexing the structure of the smartphone, the electrical resistance of the display changes, which is detected by the nanotubes and transformed into precise commands, such as themagnification dell 'image displayed, lo Scroll of the menus, the launching of applications and many more.

    It is very likely that we will soon begin to see the first practical applications.

    The Nokia Kinetic Device, a flexible prototype shown during the Nokia World

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