Logitech Z-2300

The top of Logitech 2.1 systems is being tested: Z-2300 in two words, power and quality.


Logitech, the Swiss company undisputed leader in pointing systems, has long accustomed us to both stereo and multichannel quality audio systems, the product we are testing, however, we must say that it has left us really amazed not only for the extremely competitive cost given the power and other specifications but above all for the audio quality, common only to much more expensive systems.

The Logitech Z-2300 speakers are 2.1 audio systems of the highest level characterized by high output power and excellent dynamic reproduction ideal not only for listening to music from your PC but also for hardcore gamers who, rightly, demand a sound system with powerful and full-bodied bass.

Packaging, control pad and cabling

The package in the classic white / green colors is quite voluminous and well done inside

- 2 satellites
- Subwoofer
- Power cord
- Different color audio cables
- Control device with SoundTouch cable
- Two-year limited warranty certificate
- User manual
- Adapter for video game consoles, DVD players etc.

The control device is very convenient; With a cable long enough for positioning that best suits your needs, it features a large volume knob and a smaller subwoofer control knob as well as of course the off button. Also on the control pod there is an output for headphones, when these are connected the speakers are automatically muted.

The cables are of excellent quality and above all shielded (which is not common to products in this price range): this means no more deafening disturbances when you receive calls on your mobile phone etc.

Speaker characteristics and performance

The system provides a total power of 200 watts RMS (400 watts of peak power) distributed as follows: 80w RMS the two satellites (40RMS each) at 8ohm, at 1khz 10% of THD (Total Harmonic Distorsion, the maximum total harmonic distortion of the power that can be supplied by the satellites) the subwoofer, on the other hand, with generous dimensions (28x28x38 cm), is 120watt RMS with the same THD value.

The two satellites of 17x9x15 dimensions are equipped with a phase plug in polished aluminum in the center of the transducer which guarantees a clean and crystalline audio superior in every respect to traditional 2-way models.
By moving the mask on which the Logitech logo and the THX brand are stamped (see below) it is possible to notice the aluminum plug, in size and shape similar to a peanut.

The subwoofer transducer is 20,3cm long stroke with flared bass port for powerful bass without distortion.

The signal to noise ratio at 1khz is higher than 100db; This is perhaps the only aspect in which the system has shown its limits. It is an aspect that is negligible in any case if we consider the prevalent use of such a device and its countless advantages.


The Logitech Z-2300 system is equipped with THX certification, to seal the quality of the entire system that can be felt especially in the reproduction of films.

The THX brand (From "THX 1138" the first film by George Lucas, historical founder of the Lucas film: Star Wars and many others) is the brand wanted and created by Lucas that since 1980 certifies that the audio quality of devices and theaters is as good as as close as possible to the real intentions of the director.

We have tested everything in all possible ways, Audio CD, Mp3, movies, videogames, at low or high volume (challenging the neighbors who threatened to lynch us), in each of these cases all the qualities of the system have always emerged: high crystalline and bass powerful enough to shake the windows

As we said, however, it is above all in the reproduction of the films that the player has most pleasantly struck us. Once the system was connected to the DVD player, thanks to the included adapter, we could see that even in the absence of a central channel expressly dedicated to speech, this was still clear and free of disturbances.

The subwoofer performs its duty very well, giving its best in the most excited scenes of the Star Wars Episode II film used for our tests and notoriously a hard nut to crack even for the most famous systems.

Logitech systems in the past have always suffered in the highs, today with this product we can say that the problem has been brilliantly overcome.

At high volume, however, it is possible to hear a fairly evident background rustle, which in any case does not discourage the purchase of such a system.


The Logitech Z-2300 system for sale at the price of 149,95 euros (VAT included) is ultimately a great purchase, not only for those who intend to combine it with their PC equipped with a latest generation sound card, (highly recommended ) but also for those who want to combine it with their Xbox or PS2 console or a DVD player and a TV for which you do not need a multi-channel system.

Definitely recommended.

Article published in Hirc on January 24, 2005 by the same author.

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