KEF Mu3: top of the range true wireless earphones

“Every note. Every word. Every detail". That is how KEF; British manufacturer of quality loudspeakers, introduces its first headsets to the world True Wireless.

This company has been producing quality speakers for over 60 years, often surpassing itself. Its research in technological innovation has led it today to be even better known thanks to the recent series LS50 and LSX which have become a must have for those who work with music and for those who want a highly faithful system with the comforts of new technologies.

Furthermore, they are not only functional but are also characterized by a truly accurate, modern and specially designed design to accommodate all the latest innovative technologies such as the Uni-Q Drivers currently available on all KEF products.

Sound by KEF, Design by Ross Lovegrove

Mu3 wireless earphones by KEF are designed to deliver pure and accurate sound and were designed in collaboration with the visionary designer Ross Lovegrove. Known for its innovative approach and fluid, sculptural forms, Lovegrove and KEF have already created Muon and Muo. Mu3 headphones guarantee, in addition to a extreme comfort, a great sound. The engineers managed to expertly tune the full-range drivers. This allows you to fully enjoy your music especially on the go with rich bass, detailed mid-bass and crisp high tones, capable of revealing the most subtle nuances.

Active noise cancellation eliminates external noise without affecting the details that bring the music to life. At the touch of a button, Mu3's ambient mode disengages noise cancellation, giving you instant clarity about what is happening around you.

The manufacturer declares that the battery life is around 9 hours which can be extended beyond 15 hours, thanks to the charging case. In addition, they support fast charging which guarantees a full hour of use with just 5 minutes of charging.

Both earphones receive a signal at the same time, rather than the usual approach where audio is sent to one and transmitted to the other and this thanks to the technology Bluetooth 5.0. This means that they are able to offer seamless performance, they are simple to connect and highly stable with both iOS and Android devices.

State of the art designed

The Mu3s are perfectly balanced in the ear thanks to the clever way they distribute weight. They have been designed to rest on the hollow of the ear, ensuring the most comfortable fit while providing the perfect seal for sound insulation and the perfect position.

Also noteworthy is the IPX5 certification for resistance to sweat and water drops and silicone adapter pads of four different sizes in the package.

Finally, the Mu3s feature a highly intuitive and incredibly responsive user interface. Each of the earbuds includes a multifunction physical button, for full control of music playback, volume and calls.

The price of the earphones is 230 euros. You can buy them on the official website of the manufacturer.

Technical details:

Speaker drivers
8.2 mm
Max power output
Bluetooth frequency
Fast charging for 5 mins
1 hr battery play time
Frequency range
Li-ion rechargeable battery
55mAh (earbud) / 500mAh (charging case)
Dimension (H x W x D)
24.5 x 17.5 x 26.3 mm (earbud)
33.5 x 62 x 52 mm (charging case)
Battery play time (earbud)
9 hrs (BT + ANC on)
5.8 g (earbud)
46.8 g (charging case)
104dB / 1mW at 1KHz (1KHz 1mW)
Bluetooth Power
Battery play time (charging case)
15 hrs
Power Input
DC 5V 600mA
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