How to use the iPad as a second monitor

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It can always be convenient to have a second monitor next to your laptop to expand your workspace. Maybe to follow a web page or for some updates while using the main monitor.

There is a way to replicate on iPad, with at least iOS6, the desktop of your PC or Mac is called Air Display 2, and is available on the App Store at 8,99 €.

The only requirements are the installation of a free client and downloadable from, with the relevant drivers on the Mac, available on the official website of AirDisplay, and a Wi-Fi connection to the router to which the PC or Mac is also connected.

Once the client has been launched and the app has been started from the iPad, you can decide whether to use the second display in extended mode o cloned and whether to opt for Retina or normal resolution. Our advice is to use the normal resolution as with the Retina resolution, the icons and windows on the iPad become really small.

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