How to take screenshots on Samsung smartphones and tablets

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Some time ago we explained to you how to take screenshots on Apple devices today we explain how to do it on Samsung smartphones and tablets.

In Samsung devices, the screen capture it is not present in Android, so, given that smartphone manufacturers implement it, the key combinations to activate it vary from model to model.

Here is a list of Samsung smartphone and tablet models and their key combinations to capture the screen and to find it later in the photo gallery of the device.

  • Nexus S (Gingerbread) you need to install dedicated third-party applications
  • Nexus S (Ice Cream Sandwich): power key + volume down
  • Galaxy Nexus:  power key + volume down
  • Galaxy S ed S Plus: home button + back
  • Galaxy S Advance: unlock button + home button
  • Galaxy S2: power button + home button
  • Galaxy S2 (Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean): in addition to the previous combination, power key + volume down
  • Galaxy S3 ed S4: power key + volume down
  • Galaxy Note: long press the S Pen on the screen to be captured
  • Galaxy W, Ace e Y: home button + power button
  • Galaxy Y Pro: home button + display lock / unlock button
  • Galaxy Tab: back key + power key.
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