How to spy on another mobile's WhatsApp for free

How to spy on WhatsApp conversations and what are the applications for spy on WhatsApp of another mobile for free. Here is a detailed article to reveal how geeks manage to intercept messages from the most popular instant messaging app in the world.

Spy on WhatsApp it is illegal and I advise you to avoid running into penalties for violation of privacy, a crime that could have very heavy administrative and criminal implications in the event that damage is caused to another person by using his personal data. That said, the purpose of this article is purely educational and I take no responsibility for how you use the information below.

Many applications such as WhatsApp with their end-to-end encryption ensure users are safe in their conversations, guaranteeing privacy and protection from intrusions. Yet there are many ways for the attacker to spy on WhatsApp conversations for free.

If you want to find out how to intercept Whatsapp messages, read on and make yourself comfortable, at the end of the reading you will understand the techniques that WhatsApp spies use daily and above all what are the methods to spy on WhatsApp.

Spy on another mobile's WhatsApp for free with Spy apps

There are a number of spy apps, on how to spy on WhatsApp for free, which the attacker could install on your mobile phone, in a moment of distraction, to intercept your conversations. Among the many apps to spy on whatsapp for free here are the best.


Mspy: is an application that allows you to spy on WhatsApp conversations for free by checking chats and accessing information from the control panel and monitoring WhatsApp on another iOS device (even without jailbreak) or Android.

It was designed for parental control, therefore with the intention of providing parents with a tool to monitor their child's cell phone usage. In addition to this feature that allows you to spy on another number's whatsapp, the app offers numerous features, such as: the geolocation of the target device, theaccess to text messages and multimedia files registration of all keys pressed (keylogger). 

MySpy is available as a trial for 7 days, while the subscription to the service is divided into:

  • Base for € 26,99 per month.
  • Premium for € 59,99 per month.
  • Mobile Family Kit at € 316,97 for 6 months.

whats agent

whats agent: allows you to view the duration of your online stays, the last shutdown of the mobile device and the number of disconnections. The app provides notifications as soon as the contact is back online.


Cerberus (Android): created as an anti-theft, it can only be used if the mobile phone has root permissions. Otherwise it will install a special tool to get them. The app is invisible and will not appear along with the others. It allows you to spy on WhatsApp conversations on smartphones and remotely capture screenshots of the chat with the messages exchanged. Screenshots are emailed to the email address specified in the app.

Once installed (a trial version is available for 7 days) you will need to create an account and enable permissions from Administration Device. Then log on to the site Cerberusapp and Command, on the left, choose Hide from application list and then Send command to hide the Cerberus icon among the victim's phone apps. You can also order the phone to take a photo or video, with commands Take photo o Video capture.


iKeyMonitor: works on root or jailbreak unlocked devices. Useful in case of loss or theft, this app works invisibly, remotely spies on the surroundings, calls, notes, voice messages, photos, videos, SMS, GPS, chats, websites, keys, screens, app and game blocks and Restrict the screen time.


Prey is an anti-theft app for Android e iOS which can be used to spy on the movements of a cellphone. It allows you to perform GPS tracking of the device and to keep a chronological log of activities. From the web interface you can define control zones on the map and set the sending of alerts when the device enters or leaves it.

Other features are: the Camouflage mode, to make the app invisible on the device, the sending of automatic emails in case of movements and the possibility of taking pictures in secret. The version Premium For costs 5 euros a month, while that Startups 15 euros per month.

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RMC – Android Call Recorder

The app RMC Android Call Recorder for Android mobile devices, it allows you to record incoming and outgoing phone calls secretly controlled. The output is saved in AMR audio files and a textual log file keeps track of the date and time of the calls. Folder RecordMyCall that contains them, is visible in the device but can be hidden with a third app, such as folder Lock.

Spy on WhatsApp of another number

Spy apps aren't the only way to spy on WhatsApp for free, another solution is to open Web WhatsApp not on PC but on Android mobile device. In practice, just search with Google Chrome for the term "WhatsApp Web" and set the desktop browsing mode (available by clicking on the three dots at the top and choosing the item Request Desktop site).

It will be necessary to open immediately afterwards and wait for the right moment to access the victim's phone to start WhatsApp and activate WhatsApp Web. After scanning the QR Code with your mobile phone, the attacker will be able to access and discover the victim's WhatsApp conversations.

Attention WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web for computers work even if PC and smartphone are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network. So if the smartphone is connected to the Internet, via 3G / 4G data connection, and is away from the PC, it is possible to continue accessing WhatsApp on the PC to capture all conversations from the mobile phone.

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Spying on WhatsApp conversations with Mac Spoofing

Another method to spy on WhatsApp messages is that of MAC Spoofing Whatsapp. It is about spying on Whatsapp with Mac Address: a not simple procedure which consists in emulating the MAC Address (12-digit code that identifies the network card of devices connected to the Internet) of an Android mobile phone or an iPhone to manage the account of another number and spy on WhatsApp until the device is restarted. In practice, the attacker will have to clone the MAC address of the victim's phone.

I repeat it is not a simple procedure, you need to install apps that allow you to change the MAC address and find out the victim's to set it on your smartphone, install WhatsApp and activate it using the number of the person you are spying on. Examples of MAC Spoofing I'm: BusyBox e Mac Address Ghost for Android and SpoofMAC for iPhone.

Spy on WhatsApp with Bluetooth

One of the techniques most used by malicious people to sneak into a cell phone and view other people's WhatsApp conversations is via Bluetooth.

In practice, the pirate pretends to be the Bluetooth user of the phone and deceives him, forcing him to obey his commands. For example, by initiating a call at the victim's expense. To do this, it uses the operating system Time Linux, of the software btscanner which scans for vulnerable devices, and the tool Bluebugger, which allows you to make phone calls using intercepted mobile phones.

Another exploitable technology is that of ultrasound sensors present in public places (technology UXDT –  Ultrasound Cross-Device Tracking) to capture your personal information from your device. Against such reception, there are still apps that can cut the frequencies used by uXDT, such as SoniControl and, the extension for Google Chrome, Silverdog.

How to find out if the mobile is under control

If you suspect that someone has installed a spy application on your mobile, you can check it with a few simple steps. Since many of these apps only work if the phone is rooted, a first check you can do is to check if yours is too.

To check if the phone has been rooted you can use the app Root Checker downloadable for free from Google Play.

Another solution to find out if your smartphone is being spied on is through the use of an app that can detect the presence of spy apps on your device. One of the best is Free Spyware & Malware Remover, capable of intercepting the most popular spy software such as mSpy, Cell Phone Tracker, HelloSpy, mCouple, HighsterMobile.

If you are still convinced that you are being spied on, you can try these other two solutions:

  • Open the browser of your mobile device (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari) go to the Internet and connect to the addresses localhost: 8888 e localhost: 4444.
  • Open the app to dial a phone number on your Android or iOS device and type the code *12345.

If none of the solutions proposed has solved your doubts, all you have to do is format your phone by resetting it to factory settings.

How to protect yourself from bad guys with Anti-Spy rules

  • Avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi networks or unprotected networks and change the password of your home Wi-Fi network from time to time.
  • Hide the last access time to WhatsApp by following these instructions: Settings > Account> Privacy> Last Accessed> Nobody.
  • Delete the conversation read notification by following these instructions: Settings > Account> Privacy> Read confirmations (uncheck).
  • Activate the Two-step verification, by entering a 6-digit PIN: Settings > Account> Two-step verification.
  • Protect access to your mobile device with a PIN or other authentication system such as a fingerprint.
  • Don't let others get their hands on your mobile device
  • Avoid root or jailbrek your device, you could expose it to malware.
  • Do not install apps from unsafe sources other than Google Play or Play Store.
  • Go to Impostazioni> App and check that among the apps installed there is not at least one suspicious and of which you do not know the origin.
  • Check the permissions that apps require. Go to Settings> Security> Device administrators and check for suspicious apps with admin permissions.
  • Install an antivirus or anti-malware software.
  • Check if someone is spying on you on WhatsApp Web by checking that there are no connected computers other than yours. In case click on Disconnect from all computers.
  • Pay attention to the phones given away, they could have spy applications. if in doubt, reset to factory settings to eliminate dubious apps.

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