How to speed up your PC with a USB stick

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If you have a computer that is beginning to show the first signs of inefficiency, you can increase its performance by giving it an extra dose of memory using a USB stick.

Read on and you will find out how to speed up your PC with a USB stick.

If your computer is a few years old and starts to have a decline in performance, you can give it a little more power by adopting a system called ReadyBoost.

This is a function found in Windows safe and risk-free. To use it you need a USB stick or an SD card. Basically it's like installing additional RAM.

But let's see how to make your PC faster using a USB stick.

To activate ReadyBoost, you need to insert a USB key into a port on your PC. Among the options in the Autoplay you will see that of Increase system speed.

If it doesn't appear Autoplay you can, from Computer resources, go toMemory unit and right click to choose the item Apri AutoPlay.

Before proceeding you must necessarily delete the contents of the drive because if you decide to use the ReadyBoost function, the key will no longer be able to contain data.

In the window of ReadyBoost property you can choose the amount of memory to reserve for the function. In this case I recommend the best. Now check the item Use the device and move the cursor all the way to the right. Confirm with Apply.

At this point the program will proceed to configure the cache. The duration of the operation depends on the size of the memory.

In practice ReadyBoost it is a small deception as it makes the PC believe that the memory of the stick or external card is actually part of the RAM. However, the increase in power that is obtained is appreciable even if ReadyBoost offers the best when the memory that we provide is at least double or even better triple the RAM installed. So if our computer has 2GB RAM, the available space should be at least 4GB or better still 6GB.

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