How to figure out which Epson cartridges are best for your printer

Epson cartridges: which to buy?

Epson is one of the most reliable printer brands. Epson printers have been produced since the late 60s, when the Japanese company brought the model to the market EP-101, known for being the first "home" printer in the world (a mini-printer, given the size of the printing devices that existed until then).

To date, there is a wide range of Epson printers on the market. Each appliance boasts very specific characteristics, and an impractical user, from this point of view, may have some difficulty in recognizing the Epson cartridges to buy for their printer.

How to orient yourself in similar situations?

The model of the Epson printing device

Before choosing the most suitable type of cartridges for your printer, the user must be able to know exactly the model name in your possession. Without the technical name of the device, in fact, as it is called by the manufacturer, it will be impossible to buy cartridges: the number of Epson printers currently on the market, complete with their respective cartridges, is extremely large, and it is logical that buying a batch of Epson cartridges at random, without first checking the exact name of the device, is a lottery.

In order to identify the exact name of the printer model in its possession, the user will only have to read it on sales package. On one side of the box it will be possible to recognize the name of the printer in full, complete with the serial number.

In the event that the package has been thrown away, no problem: it is highly likely that the Epson printer has its own name placed on one of the four sides of the print pad, usually on a paper label.

If even in this case, for various reasons (e.g. loss of the label, illegible label, etc ...), it is not possible to trace the name of the printer model, the ideal solution is search on Epson's official website, in order to identify the technical data sheet of the device in your possession.

The last resort, of course, if the printer was purchased in a physical store or online, is to go directly to the electronics center where the device was purchased or contact the customer service of the site used for the purchase, so as to request information from the sales staff.

The choice of original cartridges

Once the mystery of the printer model name has been solved, there is still a problem to be solved. There are basically three types of cartridges on the market, each of which can achieve a more or less high print quality. We are talking specifically about original cartridges, of the compatible and remanufactured cartridges.

Starting from original, the latter are none other than the cartridges produced directly by printer manufacturer brand. Remaining within the Epson product range, the user will be able to opt for the original cartridges if he wishes the best possible print quality, knowing that their cost will certainly be higher than compatible and remanufactured ones.

The characteristics of the compatible

The owner of the Epson printer, not happy with the prices of the original cartridges, may have decided to buy compatible cartridges. But what is meant by "compatible cartridges"?

Compatible cartridges are nothing more than non-original cartridges, consisting of ink tanks to be “refilled” as needed. The compatibles are produced specifically for printers with a fixed print head, including Epson devices.

The advantage of compatible cartridges is given by their lower price, compared to a print quality that, although not as excellent as in the case of the originals, can be considered more than satisfactory.

Opt for remanufactured cartridges

Finally, we come to remanufactured cartridges. As can be understood from the name itself, remanufactured cartridges are nothing more than reconstructed cartridges from the original ones. The reconstitution process is done simply by filling the container of the original cartridge (empty) with ink, so that the constituent structure of the cartridge itself can be reused again.

This can be done several times. The quality of the prints will not be equal to that guaranteed by the originals, but the price of the remanufactured will be much lower compared to that of the same originals. Also, the regenerates have a Minimal environmental impact , as they allow you to reuse a container which, otherwise, would turn into waste.

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