How to delete partitions on a USB stick

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In this post we will tell you how to delete partitions on a USB stick. You have installed a program on one USB pendrive and after uninstalling it the space is reduced? The solution probably depends on the fact that the installed software has created new partitions for you on the stick; Windows is unable to display them all and this results in unused space.

To restore everything, all you have to do is start Disk management however, inserting the USB key into the computer first.

Click on Start> Computer or My Computer> Management> Disk Management. From Windows 8 you can get there by pressing the button Win + X.

The key will still be identified as a disk "Removable”And will contain at least two partitions. Make a note of the disc number which Windows displays at the top next to the disk icon.

How to delete partitions on a USB stick

Awards Win + R and type diskpart. Click on OK e SI. In the new window type select disk 4. Putting the number assigned by Windows to your key in place of 4 Disk management. After pressing the key Enter finger chub and then press the button Enter to delete the partitions on the key.

How to add a new partition to a USB stick

Right-click on Not allocated e New volume simple. Now click on NEXT and choose FAT32 come File System o NTFS if the key is larger than 8GB. Enter a name in Volume label, and add a checkmark on the item Perform a quick format. One click your NEXT e end will start the Formatting.

The key is now new again.

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