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Not everyone who is in possession of a smartphone or tablet with Android I am aware that Google's operating system actually hides secret codes that allow you to obtain information on your mobile device or to change some settings.

I codes must be entered using the numeric keypad and they are not very few.

If you want to write them down here is a complete list of how to activate android secret codes:

  • * # 0 * # Perform general tests on the device.
  • * # 06 # Shows the IMEI number of your smartphone.
  • * # 272 * imei # * Shows the CSC code and allows you to change it.
  • * # 0673 # Enter audio test mode.
  • * # 9900 # Enter system DUMP mode.
  • * 2767 * 4387264636 # Shows the product code of the device.
  • * # 12580 * 369 # Show info on the software and hardware side of the device.
  • * # 1234 # Show installed firmware.
  • * # 232337 # Shows the Bluetooth address
  • * # 8736364 # Show OTA update menu.
  • * # 4238378 # Show GCF configuration.
  • * # * # 1472365 # * # * Test the GPS settings.
  • * # 232339 # Enter WLAN test mode.
  • * # 232331 # Enter Bluetooth test mode.
  • * # 44336 # Shows information about the installed software version.
  • * # 7412365 # Show camera firmware.

Warning: not all codes after updating the latest Android versions are functional. Try them.

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