Hitman 3 - All door codes and safe combinations

This guide will show you all the codes to open the doors and the combinations of the safes in Hitman 3. All key codes in the game are fixed and will be the same for all players in every match. Knowing them will save you precious time.

Dubai Codes

4706 (Door, Staff Area) - Door code for the staff area on floor 00 which you can access from the lobby (behind the bar). You will find it written on a blackboard in the Meeting Room on floor 00.

4706 (Door, hall) - Door code between the lobby and the staff area on floor 00. This door is located in the lower corner of the lobby map (same code as the previous door).

6927 (Safe, security floor 02). Contains the evacuation key that you can use on two panels in the 4th and 5th floor attic to activate the evacuation sequence of the two targets. Depending on how you decide to carry out the assassination, it could come in handy.

6927 (Safe, security floor 03). Contains the evacuation key that you can use on two panels in the 4th and 5th floor attic to activate the evacuation sequence of the two targets. Same code as in security plan 02. Depending on how you decide to carry out the assassination, it might come in handy.

7465 (Safe, guest bedroom in the attic) - Safe in the attic guest bedroom, floor 05. The room is located on the second floor of the attic, to the left of the stairs. To open the door, however, you will need a lock pick or the key to the attic, also on the second floor.

Codes of Dartmoor

  • 1975 (Safe, file). It is located in Alexa Carlisle's office on the 2nd floor. Press the button on his chair which will reveal a safe behind a frame. Normally to discover this code you will have to observe the 4 symbols above the safe (Clock, Telescope, Fire, Moose). Once discovered, you will have to explore the mansion to find the numbers corresponding to these symbols. The code is always the same, so you can safely skip the search and enter them directly.

Berlin codes

There are no codes or combinations.

Chongqing Codes

  • 0118 (Port, Container) - Code of the container door at the entrance to the ICA facility. You can find out by listening to some people in front of the container talking about it and one of them will also enter the code to enter the structure.
  • 0118 (Porta, ICA apartment) - Code leads to the ICA apartment which contains the P41 form, on the 02 floor of an apartment building. You can find out this code by going up to the same apartment from the roof and listening to the answering machine. Same combination of the container to the ICA plant.
  • 0118 (Door, laundromat) - Door code in the laundromat, on floor 01. It leads to the roof.
  • 2552 (Port, Benchmark Lab) - Door code for Benchmark Lab, floor 04 (building where “Hush”, the mission objective, is located). You can find out by looking at a blackboard upstairs (5th floor) of the same building.
  • 2552 (Porta, Hush's private workshop) - Door code to the therapy room accessed by going to the balcony from Hush's private lab. You can find out on a blackboard on the same floor, behind a wall where Royce likes to be, next to a patient in a chair.
  • 2552 (Door, Arcade) - Door code inside the Arcade on floor level 00.

Mendoza Codes

  • 1945 (Laser system) - Door code to turn off the laser system of the wine refrigerator at level 01 (cellar where the sommelier is located). There are two ways to obtain the code: By looking at the Grand Paladin 1945 wine label or by listening to the conversation between the guard and the Sommelier in which you will discover that the code "is the last year of the Second World War".
  • 2006 (Combination, Basement of the villa). It contains important information and will allow you to complete even a challenge. You would normally find out the code by listening to two guards outside the Villa Yateses on the cliff. They say the code is the year of the Yates' wedding. Upstairs in their villa you can find a calendar on the wall of the year 2021 which has their wedding anniversary circled as "Crystal Anniversary", which is their 15th anniversary. So, we subtract 2021 from 2006 and get XNUMX.

Carpathian Codes

  • 1979 (Port) - Door code at the start of the mission (shown on the poster located to the left of the door)

These are all known codes and combinations in Hitman 3.

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