Resident Evil 2 Guide - Finding Mr. Raccoon

Hidden raccoons and where to find them

The Mr. Raccoon figurines are colorful toys found throughout the game. The color scheme of this cute toy will make them easier to spot.

If the high contrast of the colors of this collectible were not enough, you can identify it by listening to the noise it emits, concentrating your sense of hearing you will notice that a sharp hum comes out of the toy, like that of moving gears.

Gotta catch 'em all

15 Mr. Raccoon are hidden in Resident Evil 2, once you have "collected" them all, you will unlock the Infinite Dagger, a weapon that will never suffer signs of wear and / or breakage.

To collect these particular items, you'll need to arm yourself with a gun and shoot them. Unfortunately, the game doesn't keep track of the toys you have already cleverly destroyed.

So we recommend an evening of multiple rescues, one for each area, so that you can return to the site and start the hunt for the colorful raccoon. We also recommend a pen and paper, at least you are sure not to re-explore the empty areas.

A single run will not be enough ...

To find all 14 Mr. Raccoon you will have to perform the two runs with both Leon and Claire, all in order to find the last toy.

Fortunately, the Mr. Raccoon found in the previous runs will already be counted, avoiding you annoying waste of time.

Here's where to find the Mr. Raccoons

After this series of necessary premises, here we are at the heart of this guide, so take paper, pen and ... vinyl glue (sorry for an attack by Muciaccia has taken possession of me).

1. West Office

From the Central Hall, enter the West Office on the first floor. The cute raccoon will be on top of a cabinet on the right side of the room.

2. STARS office

When you enter the STARS office via the showers, head to the far right side of the office. Right there you will notice the presence of a Mr. Raccoon between a stack of boxes and a PC monitor.

3. Rest room

(Only with Leon) Head to the other room connected to the rest room, and check the bunk bed in front of you. There will be a statuette waiting for you behind some bags.

4. East Wing

(With Claire only) Go to the third floor east wing through the chief's office. Unlock the door using the Diamond Key and you will find the cute toy right in front of you.

5. East Storage Room

(With Claire only) From the east storage room, head to the door that unlocks with the Key of Hearts. The Mr. Raccoon figurine will be waiting for you on the top left shelves.

6. Clock Tower

Explore the Clock Tower and you will find a door in front of the entrance. Enter it and keep following the path until you reach a dead end. The raccoon figurine will be on the window to your left.

7. Shooting range

When you enter the shooting range, turn your gaze to the left and aim with the gun. Mr. Raccoon will be waiting for you on the ground, right under a fallen target.

8. Bus

(Only with Claire) After entering the bus, look towards the dashboard of the vehicle and you will find the coveted toy.

9. Nursery

(With Claire only) When you enter the Nursery from the main lobby, you will find Mr. Raccoon inside one of the drawers in front of you. Only Claire will be able to find him and only when the girl rescues Shelly from the orphanage.

10. Entrance of the sewers

(Leon only) After meeting the giant alligator, Ada will drop a ladder towards you. Look in the opposite direction and you will find Mr. Raccoon in plain sight on a ledge. Make sure you find the toy as this area will no longer be accessible.

11. Incinerator

When you control Ada, you will find a Mr. Raccoon on the right side of the incinerator door. It is near some traffic cones on the corner of the map. Make sure you get there before getting the ID bracelet inside the incinerator.

12. Storage of materials

Before entering the materials depot at the bottom of the sewers, turn your gaze to the left. The cheerful raccoon will be waiting for you near some boxes and a cart.

13. Cafeteria

From the lab, enter the cafeteria and make your way up the ladder. Before climbing the ladder, take a look to your right, you will immediately notice Mr. Raccoon on a table.

14. Bunk room

Once you have the Signal Modulator, head to the bunk room. Set the signal to “MUF” and use the terminal to restore the electrical current. This will open the bunks. The Mr. Raccoon figurine is on the nearest bed on the left.

15. Side entrance

From the starting point of the second run, go down and up the stairs in the middle of the map. After going up the stairs, look down to your left. You will see the orange raccoon in the middle of a flowerbed.

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