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Do you want to send Animated gifs WhatsApp but you don't know how to do it? Are you looking for funny cartoons for WhatsApp but you don't know where to find them? You must know that recently WhatsApp has integrated support for the GIF format, these are short-lived moving images very similar to a video.

If you want to find out where to look free animated images for whatsapp for Android and iOS, for an animated good morning for WhatsApp, then continue reading because at the end of the reading you will be able to share with your contacts not only emojis but also funny GIFs useful to express your mood.

Search for free animated images for WhatsApp it is not difficult, you need to take advantage of apps that will allow you to have an archive and to share animated GIFs on WhatsApp without leaving the chat. But stop the chatter and take action.


For example, to get animated good morning images for WhatsApp, make sure you have the latest WhatsApp version available and immediately connect to the site GIPHY. It is a website that collects images created by users and allows them to be shared not only on social channels but also in group chats and forums.

Look for the animated image of your liking click on it to enlarge it. Then press on it and, in the pop-up menu, choose the option Download image and then Download to save it in the Gallery of your device, in the section Download.

Then click on apri and click on the share symbol at the top right. Select WhatsApp and the contact or group you want to share the GIF with, then press Enter. If you want you can write a short comment in Add a caption.

Alternatively you can share the GIF by entering the WhatsApp chat and adding it as an attachment and then selecting it from Gallery> Downloads.

If you are not satisfied with GIPHY you can also try TUMBLR, microblogging and social networking that offers users the opportunity to create a blog, with an ad hoc space for all those who want to upload creative GIFs.


To send GIFs on WhatsApp with Android download Tenor GIF Keyboard. It is an app that allows you to unlock an interactive GIF keyboard and provides a huge archive of moving images for free. Also animated good morning images.

To grant permissions to Tenor Gif Keyboard, if you have Android 7 Nougat you need to go to Settings> Accessibility and press on Tenor Gif Keyboard to activate it by putting it on ON. For earlier versions of Android, go up instead Settings> General> Ease of Access and stop on Gif Keyboard to set it to ON.

Then go to the Tenor GIF Keyboard app as soon as you download it and grant it permissions to act (take photos and record videos). Then go in Settings> General management of language and input> Virtual keyboard> Manage keyboards and put a ON the voice Tenor Gif Keyboard.

Then open the app Tenor GIF Keyboard and stop on the icon with the three dots vertically, at the top right. In the menu that appears, select Tenor Labs. To share GIFs on WhatsApp you can choose between two ways: Fun Box o GIF Keyboard. The first by typing # in the text of the chat on WhatsApp, it will activate the possibility of choosing and sharing different GIFs, the second tapping on the globe icon will switch on the interactive GIF keyboard of Tenor GIF Keyboard.


The app Gif Keyboard it is also available for iOS mobile devices, such as the iPhone. After downloading it to activate and unlock it you need to go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Keyboards and plug up Add a keyboard then select Gif Keyboard and Allow full access put ON.

To send animated images in the WhatsApp chat with an iPhone you need to enter the chat, and after setting the Fun Box option, on the Gif Keyboard app, type the hash symbol # to recall the Gifs to share. Then choose the GIF you like best and copy and paste. The tool to customize the GIF with text or emoticons will appear, and finally the Send button to send the moving image to your contacts.

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