Creative introduces the new Sound Blaster Z SE

Creative Technology announces Sound Blaster Z SE, the latest addition to the popular Sound Blaster Z series. This special edition delivers enhanced features designed to deliver the best possible audio experience, thanks to 30 years of audio experience. Featuring a host of newly added game profiles, such as microphone and headphone EQ presets, the Sound Blaster Z SE is the ideal sound card for both gaming and video conferencing while working from home.

Featuring the same high-quality audio specifications as its predecessor with an SNR of up to 116 dB and an incredible 24-bit / 192 kHz bit rate, the Sound Blaster Z SE offers an additional boost for gaming and entertainment audio. Includes additional optimized profiles and EQ presets for the microphone to deliver crystal clear audio in high-voltage games like PUBG. Sound Blaster Z SE now supports virtual 7.1 on headphones and discrete 5.1 on speakers and includes a list of headphone profiles for the best possible listening experience.

All of these new features are easily accessible via the updated Sound Blaster Command software, where users can enjoy the news and enhancements of audio technologies, which are fully customizable. For those who already own Sound Blaster Z, the latest version of Sound Blaster Command can be downloaded from the dedicated page.

Price and availability

Sound Blaster Z SE is available at the introductory price of € 99,99 on

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